Things You Should Consider While Ordering Custom Bling Tee Shirts}

Posted on March 24th, 2018

Things You Should Consider While Ordering Custom Bling Tee Shirts


Allen DonaldWhen placing an order for professional rhinestone t shirts which will feature your company’s logo, it’s necessary that you make the right choices. As you’re aware, when you or your workers are seen carrying your business logo, you’re creating an image. Whether or not it’s good or bad depends on those who wear the logo and also the quality of the adorned attire.

As a dealer of Professional Rhinestone T Shirts, you can expect the best from us. Our packages will offer you everything you require to start making rhinestone transfers.

First of all, you would like to make sure that you are dealing with a professional company that has experience making quality logos. Are the lines straight? Does it seem that care is taken with every logo? Do you like their previous work? Do they have a commercial heat press to apply the stones to your shirts or caps?

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Bling In IT specializes in offering Sports Bling T-Shirts to schools, fans, moms, sport companies and business entities. We provide a wide range of unique rhinestone tees.

When you’ve got found a company that you simply are comfortable with, you may have to pick the kind of stones you would like to use. If you’re trying to find the most affordable stone, it’ll sometimes be Korean stones or maybe rhinestuds. These surely do serve a purpose. For a business that’s involved with making a sophisticated and professional image, these kinds of stones might not be the best option.

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A better option for businesses is the Swarovski crystal rhinestones. These stones are made from real crystal. They sparkle brighter than the other stone you can find. An added advantage about this kind of stone is that they’re manufactured with a special kind of glue created to stick powerfully to material. They’ll almost always last longer than the shirt they’re applied to. Several firms that produce personalized Bling T Shirts can guarantee the logos created using Swarovski rhinestones. While making a picture and using your business logo, this is a better option.

These Holiday Bling Tees will add sparkle to your life with our personalized rhinestone t-shirts. Put the great rhinestone design on your choice on any of our great designs.

If you want to save money, opt for clear crystal stones. Coloured rhinestones cost a bit more than clear stones. This can be true with any kind of stone, whether or not it’s Swarovski or Korean.

When you submit your design for a price quotation, remember that you will get a price based on the number of stones it’ll go for recreate the logo. Of course, larger designs can cost more than the smaller ones. With these facts in mind, you should be ready to make an informed decision when trying to find a company to provide your custom Rhinestone attire.

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Chiefs Must Continue To Improve Defense}

Posted on February 24th, 2018

Submitted by: Lee Eldridge

The Chiefs’ defense took a significant step forward under new defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel in 2010. After years of struggling on defense, the Chiefs became competent in 2010. But the Chiefs must continue to improve on defense if they want to make a run in the playoffs. While the Chiefs were comparable in offense to the four teams in the AFC and NFC Championship Games this year, they weren’t comparable on defense.

First let’s look at some of the Chiefs’ primary defensive statistics:

Total Defense: #14

Points Allowed: #22

Rushing Defense: #14

Passing Defense: #17

Now let’s look at the final four teams in the playoffs this year.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Total Defense: #2

Points Allowed: #1

Rushing Defense: #1

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Passing Defense: #12

New York Jets

Total Defense: #3

Points Allowed: #6

Rushing Defense: #3

Passing Defense: #6

Green Bay Packers

Total Defense: #5

Points Allowed: #2

Rushing Defense: #18

Passing Defense: #5

Chicago Bears

Total Defense: #9

Points Allowed: #4

Rushing Defense: #2

Passing Defense: #20

It’s not a coincidence that the two teams that made it to the Super Bowl, the Steelers and the Packers, had two of the top defenses in the league, and were the top two in points allowed. When you prevent teams from scoring, you can win a lot of games.

So let’s take a quick look at the Chiefs by position group on defense.

Defensive Line: Glenn Dorsey, Ron Edwards (free agent), Tyson Jackson, Shaun Smith (free agent), Wallace Gilberry (free agent), Anthony Toribio, Dion Gales

The Chiefs developed a nice rotation among their defensive linemen. We’ve seen Dorsey and Gilberry make good strides, and I’m still hopeful that Jackson can as well. Smith was a nice surprise this year, and helped the defense considerably. But the Chiefs need to continue to improve their line. They need a player who can collapse the middle of the pocket on a more consistent basis. I’d really like to see the Chiefs retain Gilberry for his pass rushing skills, who was second on the team with seven sacks. While I’m not opposed to resigning Smith and Edwards, eventually the Chiefs need to find a true nose tackle who can clog up the middle and generate a little pass rush in the pocket. I would expect that the Chiefs will consider a nose tackle high in the draft.

Linebackers: Tamba Hali (free agent), Derrick Johnson, Jovan Belcher, Mike Vrabel (free agent), Corey Mays (free agent), Andy Studebaker, Demorrio Williams, Cameron Sheffield, Charlie Anderson (free agent), Cory Greenwood (free agent), Justin Cole

I have similar feelings about the linebackers as I do the defensive line. We have a good unit, but not a great unit. Hali has become an exceptional pass rusher, and must be resigned. Johnson has become much more consistent, but he’s not the impact player we had hoped. And he drops too many potential interceptions. The Chiefs have been grooming Studebaker to replace Vrabel, but don’t count out Sheffield for this role. He spent the season on injured reserve, and it sounds like the Chiefs really like this kid.

The Chiefs are lacking that guy with the killer instinct like Green Bay’s Clay Matthews or Pittsburgh’s James Harrison. Would love to see the Chiefs target a linebacker in one of the top two rounds, either a pass rushing linebacker to replace Vrabel, or a hard-nosed playermaker in the middle to play with Johnson. An upgrade here would help the Chiefs considerably.

Cornerbacks: Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr (free agent), Javier Arenas, Travis Daniels (free agent), Maurice Leggett (free agent, can also play safety), Donald Washington (can also play safety)

In 2009, the Chiefs were awful when they went into their nickel package utilizing three cornerbacks. Arenas really solidified the nickel spot this year and allowed the Chiefs to play Flowers on the outside. But you can never have enough good corners. Even if they resign Carr, don’t be surprised if the Chiefs draft another cornerback.

Safeties: Eric Berry, Kendrick Lewis, Jon McGraw (free agent), Ricky Price, Reshard Langford (free agent)

The Chiefs appear to have their two safeties of the future with Berry and Lewis. One of the primary reasons the Chiefs improved on defense this year was because of Berry and Lewis, who will only get better.

The Chiefs are strong in their defensive backfield, but a few key improvements to the line and among the linebackers could help the Chiefs reach that next level defensively.

About the Author: Lee Eldridge is a writer, musician and marketing consultant with more than 20 years experience in customized promotional items. Lee writes for several blogs, and has launched a new site focusing on

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Print The Customized T Shirts For Kids To Expect A Wide Smile}

Posted on October 17th, 2017

Print the Customized T-Shirts for Kids to Expect a Wide Smile


Angeliqe Morrison

It is always obvious that portents love their children very much. Whenever you need to offer dresses for your little kid, you are always choosy. All types of clothes sets are full in your wardrobe. You have a lot of varieties of them. Then what to buy for the next time? Are you thinking of purchasing t-shirts? Yes, you have some of them purchased from the market. Still, you have something to be done creative, artistic and new. You have the option to print custom T shirts in Canada. There you will get all new idea of printing. You can offer new prints, new conceptions of dresses to offer your kids by printing a t-shirt.

Ask for any special gifts for your kinds, they will ask toys and dresses. Little kids always want to wear different types of colorful dresses with new models. T shirts are the clothes where you can bring huge varieties. After all, you want to see your kid special in all occasions. You want to look him beautiful, amazing sporty and cynosure among all other kids. A mother’s face always gets glittered when her kid gets praised by others for any reason. When you want to see a kid happier, offer her colorful printed t-shirts according to his or her choice. You will get lot of t-shirts in the market that are created in accordance with the choice of the common children. This might not come to the choice of your kid. Then what is the way to get choosing the tees? There is only a way to print tees according to the choice of the child. You can customize it by your own hand.

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The printing shops of custom t shirts in Toronto offer all sorts of t-shirt printing facilities. You will get the t-shirts printed for little ones as well as aged ones. Jerseys and polo tees have also been designed and printed here with great delicacy. In terms of the t-shirts for babies, you can create custom apparel that shows ultimate unique appeal of the child among others.

You must have noticed that most of the kids have a knack of attracting concentration of others. If they cannot, they become gloomy. For this reason, you have to make your kids stylish with modern dresses. Today, customized t-shirts have been considered most fashionable attire for the kids of all gender. Irrespective of boy or girls child, you can offer customized t-shirts to them to show ultimate superiority.

When you are so much depended on t-shirts all the year round, you have the options to wear seasonal dresses. The kinds can wear printed hoodies in the winter; and plain tees and polo tees in the spring. Printed hoodies for kids are the great attractive attire. Now, if you want to get the printed tees for your kids, you have to decide the variety. You can take image from your desktop that is previously saved, take the support of internet to download new images, or you can capture the image of your kid to imply on the tees. In this way you can print the best fashionable and fantastic t-shirts for your kids.

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