Benefits Of Considering Dental Implants In Louisville, Ky

Posted on April 3rd, 2018

byAlma Abell

People who have missing teeth often experience a number of difficulties that can greatly impact their life. Some foods can be a challenge to eat without a full set of teeth. Speaking certain words or sounds can be a problem. Having lost teeth can make smiling very embarrassing and uncomfortable. Fortunately, a dentist can offer patients in this situation a variety of treatment types to deal with this problem. One of the best options can be in having Dental Implants in Louisville, KY.

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When a patient decides on having Dental Implants at Springhurst Dentistry they will find that this type of treatment can be an option that provides replacement teeth that not only look natural but feel natural as well. This is because dental implants are designed to closely duplicate the way a person’s teeth grew in their mouth.

Dental Implants in Louisville, KY are accomplished by a dentist surgically placing a rod made of a biocompatible material into the patient’s jawbone. The rod is left in place so that it can bond with the jawbone. This is referred to as osseointegration and it will create a stable and sound foundation for the addition of dental appliances that are designed to look like the teeth that the patient has lost.

Most dentists at Springhurst Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will offer dental appliances such as crowns, bridges or dentures to replace the lost teeth. The choice of dental appliance is generally based on how many teeth the patient has lost. A crown can be a good choice for one or two teeth. However, if the patient has lost more teeth, a bridge may be a better choice. Patients who are missing nearly all their teeth may find that an upper or lower denture may be the best option for their needs.

With the new replacement teeth, the patient will be able to eat, speak and laugh as they did in the past without worry that their replacement teeth will slip or side about in their mouth. In addition with the new teeth, many times prior discomfort and pain can be eliminated as well. This will give the patient a way to smile and something great to smile about at the same time.

Seeing A Family Dentist In Highlands Ranch About Dental Problems

Posted on February 23rd, 2018

byAlma Abell

Dental problems are not uncommon for the majority of the adult and younger population. In fact, no one is immune from such diseases like dental caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, etc. Overbite and crooked teeth are also fairly common problems. Some people notice this problem, often due to aesthetic defects, while others do not see this as anything other than natural life issues. However, you must keep in mind that any minor dental issue may eventually lead to serious complications. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort at all, schedule a consult with your local family dentist in Highlands Ranch today.

Dentists divide dental problems into subgroups, depending on the required treatment. The following types of pathologies and diseases consist of:

1. Therapeutic

2. This includes issues like caries, pulpitis, and periodontitis.

3. Orthopedic

4. Damaged teeth due to trauma or caries, missing teeth (partial or complete), pathological abrasions, etc.

5. Orthodontic

6. Uneven spacing between teeth, bite issues, etc.

7. Surgical

8. Badly damaged teeth, missing teeth that will be replaced with implants, abscess, cysts, osteomyelitis, etc.

9. Periodontal

10. Gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease, etc.

Depending on the size and severity of these problems, people may experience some discomfort. This may consist of:

1. Pain in the tooth when exposed to sweet and hot;

2. Pain when biting on a tooth;

3. Spontaneous night pain;

4. Changing in the color of the tooth;

5. Bad breath;

6. Bleeding and suppuration of the gums;

7. Swelling in the soft tissue area and projection in the roots of the teeth; and

8. Tooth mobility.

If these conditions are accompanied by fever and general malaise – it only worsens the picture. Naturally, whatever the problem is, big or small, it requires immediate and concrete action. The more you pull on your tooth, the more the problem will grow. You are not a family dentist in Highlands Ranch. Leave the dental work to the professionals.

And do not delude yourselves into thinking if unpleasant or painful sensations suddenly disappear then you are fine. Problems with the teeth do not disappear on their own. They will require treatment no matter how long you wait. Also, do not forget about prevention. Regular preventive dental checkups and professional oral hygiene will go a long way! Schedule your checkups twice a year at least. For more information contact your local family dentist today.

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Important Considerations For Teeth Whitening

Posted on November 7th, 2017

Submitted by: John Clayton

Every person wants to have whiter and better-looking teeth. Of course, this is something that is easier said than done. In fact, many people suffer from stained and discolored teeth primarily because many think that he is required to spend much money just to have better looking white teeth. The truth is that there are different methods on how a person can achieve a whiter set of munchers. True, there are the expensive in-clinic dental whitening procedures and there are also the more affordable ones, namely the use of home teeth whitening kits.

Here are some important considerations when it comes to teeth whitening and bleaching.

The Natural Teeth Bleaching and Whitening Remedies

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If a person wants to have whiter teeth yet does not want to spend much or even little money, then he can still have a choice. He can make his own teeth whitening solutions or follow different dental hygiene procedures so that he does not have to suffer from stained and ugly-looking teeth.

One home product that can do wonders for the teeth is baking soda. Baking soda is considered the cheapest teeth bleaching agent. A person can simply mix a little baking soda with a few drops of water and then rub it on surface of the teeth using his fingers or a toothbrush. Let it stay for a few minutes and then rinse it with water thoroughly. Aside from baking soda with water, a person who wants to have whiter teeth can also use strawberries. Strawberries actually contain natural acids that contribute to teeth bleaching and whitening. Mash or crush a few strawberries and rub it on the teeth. Let it stay for a few minutes and then rinse.

The Use of Home Dental Whitening Kits

If a person is not satisfied with the natural teeth whitening remedies, he can always opt for teeth bleaching kits that can be used at home. The good news is that these kits can be easily bought from a local pharmacy, from the grocery store or even from an online store. These kits come in different forms. For example, there are teeth bleaching gels strips, pens and even dental trays. Before one purchases a home dental whitening kit, it is important that he first researches on the different types and choose one that suits his lifestyle most. For example, if the person is always on the go, it would be advisable to purchase a teeth bleaching gel pen which one can always carry in his pockets or in a purse.

If one does not want to buy his own home teeth bleaching kit and want to go for the easy teeth whitening solution, an individual can always set an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. All cosmetic dentists offer teeth whitening procedures. It is just a matter of paying the right price, sitting on the dental chair and waiting for the dentist to do the teeth bleaching magic. Keep in mind, however, that in-clinic dental whitening procedures cost much money. One would have to set aside around $300 to $600 for a teeth bleaching procedure.

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