Let Safari Decorating Give Your Home An Exotic Ambiance

Posted on February 21st, 2019

By Lee Dobbins

Safari decorating is an exotic and fun decorating theme which will add an interesting dimension to your home. This style uses earthtones, lush jungle decor, animal prints and natural items to add a unique look that is fun to live with. By having safari theme decorating in your home, you can create an exotic jungle ambiance no matter where your house is.

One thing that can really add to your safari decor is jungle and safari themed accessories and luckily there are many to be found on the market today. Include paintings and knick knacks in your home that reflect an African safari. Zebra print lamps, wall art that reflects lush jungle scenes, potted plants and animal knick knacks will all add to the aura of your safari home.

Getting the right window treatments for your home is a fundamental undertaking since the wrong type can undermine your design style. You should try to purchase curtains, drapes or shutters that are natural. For this style, it could work great to use some jungle print curtains or blinds.

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Balance your design with furniture which compliment the general decorating approach. You want to look at acquiring items that are wood and upholstery to enhance Safari decorating. Think about using overstuffed furniture that uses a floral, fern like or animal print fabric. For non upholstered items, try using bamboo or rattan items.

Terrific lights can truly complete the safari decorating so you will need to give some thought to this area. With this kind of decor, you’ll need your lighting to be animal or natural themed. There are many lamps out there that are animal themed as well as plant themed.

There are many great rugs that match well with the safari decorating theme. When picking out colors, stick to animal prints or solids and for type contemplate purchasing shag rugs or even rugs that are shaped and colored like an animal skin. If you want a less busy look on the floor, natural sisal mats could look great.

Updating your home with a safari decorating theme doesn’t need to be hard if you pay attention to detail. Simply buy your pieces with care and you are sure to get a designer look without having to hire a designer.

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Porch Railing Plans For Your Deck Railing Ideas

Posted on December 1st, 2018

By Adam Peters

Ideas abound for creating the perfect deck design for your needs. Homeowners find an outside deck is an oasis of peace and calm. They are perfect if you want to lounge around by yourself, or if you want to entertain a group of friends in the evening. Because of all of the use you will get out of it, you want to make sure you choose the right kind of railing for your deck. The railing is the most important feature of the deck, since it is the most visible. The deck railing is viewable from outside the house, inside the house and, of course, from the deck itself. Make sure you have your deck railing plan already figured out before you start to build your deck, because you will most likely have to tie the railings to the posts of the deck. Even though you do not have to match the post material to the railing material, you do not want to have them completely clash with one another. Most likely you will use a composite material for the decking material because of durability, but you would not want that mateial for your railings. You will most likely want the materials of the different components of your deck to match each other, and also to match the materials of your home.

Design ideas to choose from when picking your deck railings include stainless steel cable railings. This is an interesting design in that it uses cables instead of balusters. The top rail is solid stainless. The advantage of this type of railing is the added security, as well as the better visibility, since the cables do not create a sold block. Another idea that is different is glass balusters. This is another solution to gaining visibility, and they are also elegant looking. You mayalso consider ornamental metal, such as iron, to design your deck railing in. A metal such as this offers your deck beauty plus durability. You have to make sure to take care of metal railings, however, because they can rust if they are not finished and maintained properly.

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A final feature that will add a unique touch to your deck railing design is to put some ornaments or features on it. You can add flower boxes to bring nature right to your home. You may also consider centerpieces for the balusters. These add a unique customized touch to your railing and they are available in a number of designs. Adding post caps and finials into the post can further top off your railings for a beautiful look.

With all these different ideas for designing a deck railing, you may have too much of a choice in finding the perfect one.

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The Amazing Appeal Of Outdoor Kitchens

Posted on April 20th, 2018

byAlma Abell

Homeowners sometimes find themselves with extra square footage. This is usually amidst a patio or backyard setting. The overall appeal of these locales is fascinating. You’re going to find that they can be retrofitted with a lot of different options. As you look at the different options that you have for outdoor space, don’t dismiss the notion of having a kitchen outside. Outdoor kitchens are interesting in that they provide the best of a lot of different elements outside. If you aren’t quite sure, consider some of the alluring aspects of this option that you’ll want to consider.

Entertaining With Culinary Elements

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First and foremost, consider the culinary options that you will have in place. When you have a full outdoor kitchen, you could do a lot more than just grill some steaks. Imagine getting a lot more done. For instance, what if you wanted to do a mixed menu? Some things grilled, some things baked, and others boiled? You can do it all if you have the right equipment in place, and that’s where this comes shining through. This brings together entertaining options that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

The Visual Design

There’s nothing quite as amazing as having a nice open concept kitchen. Now, multiply that by 10 and you will see that outdoor kitchens can absolutely give you a thrill. This concept goes beyond the ability to just cook and entertain. There’s a visual element to this that is absolutely stunning. You’re going to find that it will come into play when you want to sell your home. Selling your home with this in place will draw the eye, and give you a little more wiggle room in terms of asking price.

The Concepts

For those that aren’t sure what outdoor kitchens consist of, you’ll definitely want to look at the possibilities. If you have a lot of space, you could have a full scale culinary range. From installing ovens, burners, grills, and sinks to putting in islands, you have a lot of diverse opportunities to explore. This includes the additional elements of tile, stone, and more that can accent your existing patio or decking.

At the end of the day, kitchen renovations don’t have to be isolated to just the interior of your home. You could use existing, outdoor spaces to create outstanding concepts. Kitchens can bring about so much, especially if you want to entertain. If you want to have friends over, or just have a family get together, you can easily do so when you have outdoor area to cook, entertain and more. Installation is a matter of working with a good crew and contractor. Once all the pieces are put into place, you’ll wonder how you managed without it all.

Worried About Dining Out? What To Eat If You Have Acid Reflux

Posted on March 1st, 2018

By Kirsten Whittaker

Knowing what to eat if you have acid reflux at restaurants can be a very challenging experience. However, as long as you are dedicated to watching what you eat, you will most certainly be able to get through this challenge and enjoy eating out with your family and friends. The hard part can be accepting that you are suffering from acid reflux as an ongoing condition and you will need to practice a bit of discipline if you want to avoid unpleasant symptoms. This discipline will involve changes to both your diet and your overall lifestyle.

This won’t rule out eating in restaurants, but it will mean that you’ll need to be selective of the dishes you choose, as the foods you eat have an enormous impact on the occurrence and degree of the acid reflux symptoms you feel.

Once your doctor has diagnosed you with acid reflux, you will likely be provided with dietary suggestions to follow in order to keep your symptoms in check. At first, this can make eating out quite the daunting experience, since you’ll have been watching every ingredient that has gone into your meals. However, with time, you’ll get to know what to eat if you have acid reflux from the types of foods offered at your favorite restaurants and learn which ones fit in with your GERD-friendly diet.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t try new places or that you can’t simply head somewhere spontaneously. After all, you’re not always in charge of the restaurants where you’ll be eating. From client meetings to birthday and anniversary celebrations, there are many times when you simply find yourself at restaurants whose menus you’re unfamiliar with. In this case, if possible, go to the website for the restaurant or call ahead and find out what is on the menu. If you can’t, don’t hesitate to ask about ingredients that go into a certain dish that looks as though it has potential for your diet and palate.

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Use the following tips to get you started with what to eat if you have acid reflux:

1 – Instead of ordering a full meal that will tempt you to overindulge at one sitting, try having a salad without the dressing or a simple soup. It’s easy to eat too much when you’re conversing with others and the portions are as large as they usually are at restaurants.

2 – Avoid cream dressings when you’re eating a salad. Salads with lots of (non acidic) vegetables are a terrific choice, but you’ll only negate the benefits if you choose a heavy cream-based dressing. Instead, try a light dressing.

3 – Red meats and greasy foods should be avoided altogether, as they cause a great deal of acid to be formed in the stomach and take longer to digest so they remain in the stomach longer than other foods. Instead, choose lean poultry and grilled or steamed foods.

4 – Dairy can give GERD sufferers a very hard time. Instead, try soy-based equivalents. Soy has come a long way over the last few years and you may find soy milks, cheese, and ice creams pleasantly surprising.

5 – Although it’s best not to drink wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages at all, if you want to have a drink limit your consumption to small amounts and have a glass of water on hand too.

Though this may seem like a lot of rules for what to eat if you have acid reflux, as you build good habits, you’ll discover that it’s not as challenging as you once thought and that there are many appealing alternatives to your old favorites.

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How To Make Your Own Kitchen Pot Rack

Posted on October 24th, 2017

By Kathy Wilson

Lets face it, we all need more room in our kitchens! One of the easiest ways to free up cabinet space is by hanging a pot rack from the ceiling to store all your bulky pots and pans. Pot racks run upwards of $150 even at the online discount shops! Here is an easy way to make a sturdy pot rack for your kitchen for less than $15. Photos of this project can be found at http://www.decoratingyoursmallspace.com/how_to_make_pot_rack.html


Non pressure treated 2×4 lumber


3 inch wood screws

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Length of chain form the home improvement shop

Screw Hooks

Paint or Stain

Cut two pieces of lumber to your desired pot rack length, and two in your desired width. If you are hanging it over a counter or island, make it slightly smaller than the countertop.

Using your drill, screw the four pieces into a square or rectangle shape.

Now measure across the width of the frame from inside to inside. This is the measurement for the cross beams Remember, measure twice, cut once! I recommend at least three cross beams for strength. Screw the cross beams in from the side at regular intervals.

Add screw hooks to each corner on the top of the rack.

Paint or stain as desired.

Finding studs in your ceiling, screw in four heavy duty screw hooks to approximately coordinate with the screw hooks in the top of the pot rack.

Add chain, and hang! If there is no counter beneath the pot rack, be sure to hang it high enough to prevent bumped heads! You may add as many screw hooks to the pot rack as desired to store all your pots and pans, and store lids, baskets and bowls on the top. Or, you can simply stack your pots on the top surface, as I do.

You may add further decoration to your pot rack by adding fabric tubes to cover the chain, silk or dried flowers or hang braids of garlic or strings of peppers. I soaked an inexpensive grapevine wreath overnight in water, then cut it apart and wrapped it around the rack. I added several sprays of springtime silk flowers. The flowers can be changed out with the seasons.

Almost as simple as making a box, it looks great and adds tons of storage space to the kitchen!

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