Top 3 Uses for Clear Plastic Containers With Lids

Posted on January 23rd, 2020

Clear plastic containers are some of the most commonly used fixtures among businesses, and this is very likely thanks to the variety of shapes, styles, and sizes in which they’re available. Of course, adding an extra accessory to these already useful fixtures – such as lids – can only increase their appeal!

Whether you own or manage a retail store, restaurant, or home, the top three uses of clear plastic containers with lids listed below will help you learn how you can make the best use out of these convenient fixtures.

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1. Clear Plastic Containers With Lids Can Display Retail Store Merchandise

No matter what they sell, retail stores around the globe rely on clear plastic containers to help organize, display, and store their merchandise.

If you own or manage a retail store, you can use these fixtures in your stock room or under your associates’ countertops to organize everything from small kinds of merchandise waiting to be moved to the floor to tools your associates frequently use such as rolls of price tags and sales stickers.

You can also use these fixtures in the main part of your store to display merchandise ready for selling. You can find containers designed to sit on countertops or display racks and, depending on the kind of merchandise your store sells, you can fill them with everything from small children’s toys like bouncy balls to art supplies like beads or packets of glitter.

2. Clear Plastic Containers With Lids Help Keep Restaurant Food Fresh

Whether you need a fixture to keep your recipe ingredients safe from dust and debris or you need a tool that will both display and keep fresh edible merchandise outside the kitchen, if you own or manage a restaurant you have a need for clear plastic containers with lids.

You can use these fixtures in your kitchen and your stockroom to hold and keep fresh loose ingredients such as flour, sugar, seasonings, and spices, or even items waiting to be displayed on your restaurant’s tables such as condiment packets, toothpicks, and hand wipes.

You can also situate these fixtures on your restaurant’s main countertop or the checkout counter by the door and fill them with complimentary items like breath mints, toothpicks, hand wipes, and matchbooks bearing your restaurant’s logo.

3. Clear Plastic Containers With Lids Help Organize Your Home

While clear plastic containers with lids work extremely well in a variety of retail store and restaurant situations, they’re even more versatile in home settings.

Homeowners can use these fixtures in their:

  • Kitchens, to organize and display baking ingredients, treats, and packets of seasonings and condiments.
  • Bathrooms, to organize and display toiletries like cotton balls and Q-Tips, as well as first-aid tools like bandages, tape, and packets of pain reliever and alcohol and disinfectant wipes.
  • Play and rec rooms, to organize and store small children’s toys like building blocks as well as craft items like glitter and sequins, spools of thread and packets of sewing needles, and scissors, rulers, and small tubes of glue.
  • Garages and work sheds, to store and organize work- and repair-related items like nails, nuts, bolts, screws, and thumb tacks.
  • Basements and attics, to store and organize any kind of small item you’re not currently using in your main home.

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Permanent Hair Removal – Tips on Hair Removal

Posted on January 22nd, 2020

Hair removal for cosmetic reasons is nothing new. Time has truly evolved and women now have more hair removal options than ever before.

Being hairy and showing it is definitely not an option when speaking about women. Even some men want to get hair removal – think at body builders: their fans want to see muscles, lines, edges, not bunches of curly hair growing all over. There are many methods of hair removal, such as shaving, waxing, use of depilatory creams, epilators, lasers or electrolysis. Laser hair removal can be an acceptable or even preferable alternative in some cases, but laser is usually not enough by itself to remove all transsexual facial hair permanently. Androgen-driven hair, especially facial hair, is an almost universal problem for transsexual women. It is one of the most difficult problems to solve, and getting rid of it will often be essential for assimilation.

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Hairfacts is a reliable non-commercial website that give quality information on all kinds of hair removal procedures having laser hair removal. Laser hair removal relies on a laser light to damage the hair follicles that produce hair. Some choose other hair removal treatments like electrolysis, shaving, waxing, and the use of depilatory creams. Plucking hair with tweezers is an effective way to remove hair but can be very time consuming. Waxing- sticky wax is spread on the area of skin where the unwanted hair is growing. Waxing leaves the area smooth and is long lasting. Depilatories- A depilatory is a cream or liquid that removes hair from the skin’s surface.

Hair Removal Tips

1. Do not use depilatories to avoid the risk of chemical burns on the sensitive skin in this area.

2. Don’t apply alcohol-based deodorants or perfumes to skin right after shaving. Follow this basic rule: If it stings or hurts, you shouldn’t be using it.

3. Eyebrows frame the face for men and woman. Unibrows and pencil thin lines are out. Let us design brows perfect for you. We have a flair for it.

4. Shaving is also the most temporary hair removal method.

5. Carefully remove ingrown hairs with tweezers and make sure you scrub your skin once or twice a week, to prevent hairs to in grow.

6. If you can’t stand hair removal, but you don’t like it to be visible, you can bleach it. Bleaching lightens the hair closer to skin color, so that it cannot be noticed so easily. Use only special body hair bleaches.

7. Shaving is O.K. but plucking isn’t, if your goal is permanent hair removal. Tweezing or waxing is perceived as trauma by the body which over time makes the hair grow back stronger. So shaving or clipping between electrology appointments is preferred.

Variations in wax treatments can come from using different kinds of liquid hair removal, different wax strips, or oil as a skin barrier instead of powder. Liquid hair removal comes in the form of honey or crème (for sensitive skin). Wax strips are either made of Muslin (thick cloth) or Pelin (thick paper). A very thin layer of oil such as grape seed or Eucalyptus can be soothing and take the place of powder as a barrier between wax and skin. Have fun and save money for yourself.

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Infant Circumcision

Posted on January 21st, 2020

If circumcision were a choice I had to have made, I would have run frantically from the hospital with my newborn son to protect him from the procedure. His father would have chased me down, insisting his son “look like he did.” All I can say is I’m terribly relieved I didn’t have to live through that. Nor did I have to make the agonizing choice of protecting my baby from pain or disrespecting my husband. It would have been a huge battle of conscience. I was spared and given daughters.

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The decision to circumcise an infant boy or not is, in the USA and I’m assuming, most of the world, still a parent’s sole responsibility. More and more doctors and pediatricians are recommending against routine circumcision. The controversy is beginning to reach epidemic proportions and will soon be a major issue facing new parents. I feel very sorry for those parents. They will be bombarded with opinions at every turn and surely go though hell with it, unless they have settled this issue between them before the baby’s birth. Hopefully, they will agree. The problem I foresee is the parents not agreeing on circumcision, creating a stressful situation where there should be only joy.

Cultural tradition and religious practices notwithstanding, there is no longer a medical or rational reason to circumcise a child other than for purely “cosmetic” reasons. Circumcision is a very painful procedure, performed on a completely innocent and unsuspecting baby. This procedure rattles me to the point that I have refused to attend the Bris of more than one friend’s baby son. (A Bris is a Jewish ceremony whereby a Rabbi circumcises an infant boy … with a lot of witnesses.) Please understand, I have absolutely nothing against the Jewish faith. I have nothing against any faith, even if I do not agree with their beliefs or practices. I DO, however, have something against anyone who inflicts pain on an innocent child. This would include some cultures that also routinely circumcise adolescent girls. If we agree that this is a barbaric ceremony, can we then apply some of that sensibility to infant boys? Sure, male circumcision does not alter a boy sexually but it does cause considerable pain to our babies without any apparent benefit to the child. The issue of cleanliness is no longer a factor. In modern society, frequent bathing is as common as brushing one’s hair.

Routine circumcision is obviously not malicious intent to senselessly cause pain to an infant, however, there is much information available today, most of which supports the case against circumcising. Not at least questioning this practice is burying one’s head in the sand no matter how the parents choose to proceed.

Consider the recent poll numbers obtained by American Baby magazine on circumcision:

57% chose to circumcise

42% chose not to

2% were undecided

20% said it was a hard decision to make.

Granted, as life decisions go, circumcision is not one of the most enormous in relation to the impact it will have on our babies. I believe it is more an issue of questioning generally accepted practices that no longer serve logical purposes. As neonatal circumcision is still performed on the majority of boys, (at least in the United States)Psychology Articles, this controversy should continue for a number of years. It will be interesting to see how our culture progresses and what the poll numbers will be like ten years from now.

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How to Check Milk Purity Using Lactometer- Milk Testing Equipment

Posted on January 20th, 2020

This article gives a brief idea on how we can measure milk purity using lactometer, milk testing equipment. Article also covers the detailed information of lactometer and how it is beneficial for us. 

A day starts with pure hygienic milk because every person requires pure milk of a glass for their perfect breakfast which gives energy to body and every child also require pure milk for their physical growth. Where in today’s world there are chances to take impure milk for any sources like – dairy booths, dairy shops, marts and many more. So there is necessity to check milk purity because of availability of impure milk in market.

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As we know there are lots of substances which make milk impure and we can check or test that impure milk through lactometer.

What is Lactometer

Lactometer, a cylindrical vessel made by blowing a glass tube. One side of glass tube looks like a bulb with filled by mercury and another site is thin tube with scaled. For milk testing lactometer dipped in milk which we are testing. In lactometer the point up to which it sinks in the pure milk is marked after that put in water and marked at the point up to which it sinks in water. It sinks less in milk then water because as we know milk is denser then water. At lactometer there are to portions i.e. ‘M ‘and ‘W’ which is divided in three parts and marked as 3, 2 and 1. That indicates the level of the purity in Milk.

Here below some steps mentioned for milk testing –

# Step 1- Whenever you want to test the milk purityScience Articles, you just put the instrument or lactometer in milk.

# Step 2- If it sinks up to the mark ‘M’ which mentioned at lactometer that means milk is pure or if not that means milk is impure.

# Step 3- If the milk is mixed in water then it would sink higher then marked ‘M’.

# Step4- If it stands at the mark 3 that means milk is 75% pure and respectively 2 for 50% purity and 1 means 25% purity.

Lactometer is basically more suitable or useful in sea warfare where now the days most of shops and submarines also use it for milk purity test. Here below advantages of lactometer mentioned by which you have an idea about how a lactometer gives you advantage-

Advantages of Lactometer

Everyone can use lactometers easily.

Lactometers results have maximum accuracy.

Lactometer requires low maintenance cost.

Lactometers price are minimum that’s why anyone can purchase it.

Lactometers are used for milk purity checker and also a very reliable instrument. It is scientifically observed that the cases of skimmed milk the lactometer fails to provide correct results if the density of skimmed milk is made equal to pure milk adding water.

Conclusion- Lactometer is useful for milk testing by which anyone can measure their milk purity easily. It’s necessary to eat or drink healthy for a healthy life.

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Posted on January 13th, 2020

The pediatric chain of survival is different from the adult for some very good reasons. Lets take a look at the first link; prevention. Unintentional injuries are the number one cause of death in children and young people in the United States. Most of these injuries can be prevented with proper education and information. If we can prevent an emergency from happening in the first place, we are that much more effective in saving the lives of our children.

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In an adult, child, and infant CPR First Aid class, it is the responsibility of the BLS instructor to not only teach students how to effectively respond to pediatric emergencies, but also how to prevent them from happening in the first place. It is not enough to just teach CPR. Since most of the students in our class will never actually have to do CPR on an infant or child (some will), it is important that prevention issues that have daily significance are addressed. In this manner instructors and training programs make the most of the time and also are able to effectively deal with emergencies before they even happen.

For example: As I write this article I am at the park with my one and half year old son. A gentleman has just arrived to use the park to run his rather large Pit Bull Rottweiler mix….with no leash, around a park full of kids. Hmm… I have nothing against family pets, but animals by nature can be unpredictable, and in my own personal experience when someone says “he doesn’t bite” he usually does just that. This is why there are city ordinances made to “prevent” issues. That’s like riding in your car with all 5 of your kids, rushing through traffic because you’re late and no one is wearing a seat belt. I have seen my share of animal attacks and certainly am not interested in visiting the ER this morning. So I will take my son far out of any potential harms way. This would be prevention. Prevention in this situation might mean bringing the family pet at a time when there isn’t so many kids. But today, for me and my son it means find a place to play with less of a risk. I like 0 risk factors.

Prevention is a proactive way of dealing with emergencies, whereas CPR, bleeding control, etc., would be reactive. The reactive measures have there place, but the proactive measures give us the much more effective silent victories over emergencies and that is why prevention is the first link in the pediatric chain of survival.

Early CPR

The second link in the pediatric chain of survival is early CPR although a critical skill, its application is not necessary for every pediatric patient in an emergency situation. Those who are providing care should assess the victim to determine the most appropriate course of action. The pediatric chain of survival in not the pediatric “cardiac” chain of survival. Children are less likely to suffer from cardiac arrest due to heart disease and most often are found to require emergency medical assistance due to another type of circumstance that has caused them to stop breathing. In any case what is important to understand is that children cannot survive very long at all without oxygen. For this reason it is important that a lone rescuer who finds a child unresponsive assess the need for rescue breathing or CPR even before spending any time calling 911. Of course when multiple bystanders are present, calling 911 and the assessment of the child’s airway breathing and circulation can be performed simultaneously.

Michael Morales is an EMT paramedic and director of education for Vital Ethics Inc., providing basic and advanced life support training and certification programs.

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Rare Earth Mining – Economic Growth and Recycling

Posted on January 10th, 2020

It’s the time to think about the proper uses of rare earth metals available above the ground, not inside the ground so that rare earth mining can boost the economic growth in better manner.

For many countries, their source of economic growth is from extraction of rare earth metals. Mining of different rare elements in underdeveloped countries is providing a boost in their economic conditions. Moreover we can say that rare metals have been directly associated with the economic growth for most of the countries. If a country produces a specific or multiple metals, either it will be used for their development or sold or exported to other countries for their different requirements. Metals are exported and imported to fulfill the different necessities.

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Rare earth mining has become popular in the 20th century and one of the best platforms for economic development. Countries such as China, India and South Africa are experiencing their growth ratio far better than the days of past due to their rare earth element mine. They have expanded their reach in mining. They have stretched their mining activities.

As we know that metals are recyclable and as far as rare earth metals are concerned some of them cannot be recycled but many of them can be recycled depending on where they are being used i.e. manufacturing of batteries, mobile phones, computers and many other important aspects in both domestic and commercial sectors.

By decreasing the rare earth mining, we can minimize the negative effects on our environment coming from the rare earth elements mine. It will save the excessive uses of resources. It is sad to say that the way we are exploiting the earth for its rare earth metals, we don’t think of recycling of the already present metals above the grounds, instead inside the ground. In 2010, with the efforts by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) a report published by International Resource Panel on the recycling of metals and their stocks exist within our society. Mining of fresh elements from the earth can decrease the potency of being economically strong country.

In the report it was observed that the rare elements present in the society or above the grounds can be the best rare earth elements mine. They can serve as the huge mines. Many elements are used in the manufacturing of variety of domestic and commercial products. When we stop using those products such as mobile phones, fuel cells, hybrid cars etcHealth Fitness Articles, it is necessary required to recycle those products and obtain those elements so that mining of the fresh elements can be avoided.

TEA TASTER: How to Become a Tea Taster?

Posted on January 8th, 2020

Who is a tea taster?

Tea taster is a specialized professional in the tea industry. The job of a tea taster is one among the most gifted careers in the world today. Tea tasting is totally an art, but needs the support of science to upgrade it to a career in the modern tea industry.

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Keep taste buds alive.

The tea taster needs to have his or her taste buds alive to understand and differentiate the contents of taste giving alkaloids in the tea samples. His olfactory nerves should active to identify the kind of fragrances that are released by the tea samples in question.

Tea plantation knowledge is essential.

In order to become a tea taster, one should primarily know about the cultivation and manufacturing processes in a tea plantation. He should know all about tea kinds, varieties, and grades and again the characters of the resulting liquors. He should sacrifice certain habits and abstain from smoking, alcohol, tasting strong spicy foods.

Be a lover of Mother Nature.

To learn about all these things, the youth should preferably be a graduate in agriculture, horticulture, biology, home science or interested in food technology. A good tea taster can earn remuneration equal to that of a software engineer, besides a great chance to live in the ambiance of Mother Nature.

Tea is a permanent beverage.

You know among all the beverages, tea is an everlasting one as it has a history of its own for a very many years. This should tell about the permanence of the industry and the tea taster’s job and career too. Tea tasting is a brilliant and fascinating career in the plantation and as well as in the tea trade at an international panorama.

Learn from the tea book: TEA TASTER.

Besides the knowledge of tea cultivation and processing, to gain a perfect knowledge on this tea tasting one should go for a tea book that gives ‘scientific tea testing, tasting and blending techniques”. One should read and enjoy the tea manual with full of illustrations, so that he can apply the techniques when taking up the job of a tea taster.

Traditional tea taster is based by experience.

The tea taster is said to gain knowledge by sipping and tasting a number of cups of raw tea made out of tea samples. “Tea Taster,” using a special and exact spoon, sucks the tea with a sound. This slurping sound is caused by the tea being taken into the mouth at the exact speed of 125 miles per hour. At this speed, the tea explodes at the back of the palate, forming minute mist particles. These particles help the tea taster to tell a story about the tea in volumes. The tea is then expectorated into a pan and the tea taster turns to begin with another cup of tea.

This kind of tasting by the tongue, teeth, gum and inner parts of his buccal cavity without reference to a standard about taste can not construe to a good analysis. This is out of date secret and an art with errors. Errors in art are viewed as spill over of skills. But the truth is that that will end in a tasteless tea.

Modern tea taster is based on scientific methodology.

He has a sound fool proof methodology to identify good teas rich in color, taste and flavor. He has standard reference to compare and fix the color and taste categories and say some thing concrete about the fragrances also. Science will give constant results when the experiments are repeated. This assures a flawless performance at the end.

He combines the goodness of traditional tea tasting with the modern truthful scientific methods. He is capable of confirming the degree of qualitative and functional characters of select teas. This enables him to find their percentage or proportional utility in making desired blending combinations. This is to satisfy the need of every section of the society to enhance the harmony of mankind.

Be calm and active!

Now the tea can bring the briskness to the body and mind on demand. Another tea will make you calm and peaceful and bring solace to the wandering mind. It can create an inner calmness and outer activity which is usually brought about by meditation. Thus the tea taster has a duty to fulfill the expectations by innovations.

The author, Pnk Guru is a Tea Scientist and a Business Strategist requests the pleasure of tea industry to acquire a newer scientific knowledge on tea.

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Adam Aircraft receive $105 million in funding for A500 and A700

Posted on January 8th, 2020

Thursday, June 21, 2007

US aircraft manufacturer Adam Aircraft have received US$105 million in funding for two aircraft that they currently produce, namely the Adam A500 and the Adam A700 AdamJet. Both are carbon-bodied six-seat civil utility aircraft. The A500 is piston-engined and has a Push-pull configuration and the A700 is of a new variety of aircraft known as very light jets (VLJs).

A significant proportion of the money came from a senior secured credit facility from Morgan Stanley Senior Funding Inc. Adam Aircraft say that the money will be used to accelerate the production of the A500 and to move the A700 through the certification process with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Founder and CEO of Adam Aircraft Rick Adam said that investors were given confidence by the company’s order backlog, currently valued at around $800 million. Earlier this month, China’s Hainan Zhong Hang Tai General Aviation Airlines expressed their confidence in the uncertified A700 when they announced that they had placed an order for 50 of the new aircraft. They say that they chose the A700 because it had the largest cabin space of any VLJ, with company CEO Jason Fan adding that he thought the “innovative twin-tail design remind(s) people of a Formula 1 race car.” It is an expensive purchase, as the Chinese government charges a 21% import tax on new aircraft.

Rick Adam said of the new funds “this financing allows Adam Aircraft to aggressively pursue our product development and production growth plans,”.

Adam Aircraft say that the A700 is presently undergoing flight tests and development processes. The company hopes to certify it with the FAA in 2008.

Homes of six Minnesota politicians vandalized

Posted on December 29th, 2019

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An unknown person or persons wrote graffiti and vandalized the exterior of homes belonging to six members of the United States congressional delegation from the state of Minnesota late last Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

According to the Star Tribune, Laurie Coleman, wife of U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, found the words “U R A CRIMINAL, RESIGN OR ELSE! PSALM 2” written on the family’s garage. The word “SCUM” was also written in three places on another side of the garage. Psalm 2 is a biblical reference.

The homes of senator Amy Klobuchar, and U.S. representatives Michele Bachmann, Keith Ellison, John Kline and Jim Ramstad were also targeted by vandals. Ellison’s house was the only one that sustained damage.

We’re looking at this as an actual threat.

Peter Panos, St. Paul Police spokesman, told the Star Tribune that threatening message in the graffiti were cause for concern.

“We’re looking at this as an actual threat,” he told the Star Tribune. “We’re taking it quite seriously. Vandalism threats are pretty rare in this city.”

Bachmann, Coleman, Kline and Ramstad are Republicans. Klobuchar and Ellison are Democrats. All live in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. Reps. Collin Peterson and Jim Oberstar, who live in out state Minnesota, along with Rep. Betty McCollum — who lives in a condominium, did not receive vandalism to their homes. Senate candidates Al Franken and Dean Barkley, who are running against Coleman in the November elections, condemned the vandalism.

There’s no place for this unacceptable behavior in our political process, or in our communities

“There’s no place for this unacceptable behavior in our political process, or in our communities,” Franken’s campaign told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. The paper said that the Franken campaign office was the victim of graffiti attacks including the words “Crazy” and “No New Taxes.”

Federal and local authorities are still investigating these incidents, as well as similar incidents that took place in Missouri.

Over the weekend, a Minnesota hair salon was targeted. Police say it may have been a copycat vandal, though the salon is said to be patronized by Norm Coleman.

Polish exercise book advertisement copies Wikipedia content, violates copyright

Posted on November 15th, 2019
This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Friday, October 24, 2008

On August 21, the Polish weekly Przekrój published an advertisement for Dan-Mark exercise books, bearing the logo of, a Polish music/interactive TV station. Part of the advertisement contained a definition of the word “exercise book”. The wording looked familiar, and Wikinews consulted Wikipedia, the collaborative online encyclopedia.

Upon seeing the Wikipedia definition, it appeared that the entry quoted in the promotional material was identical to the initial two paragraphs of the relevant Wikipedia entry.

Freelance reporters for the Polish Wikinews decided to find out the reason for such a similarity and whether either of the texts (the advertisement’s or Wikipedia’s) might be a case of copyright violation.

The reporters contacted a Jaros?aw Janas, Creative Director of, where the ad appeared. His reply included the following claim:

The text of the definition has been taken from an encyclopedic publication which is older than 50 years and therefore not subject to copyright protection. The fact of coincidental similarity cannot be considered equal to plagiarism, because as we all know Wikipedia is a place which publishes texts and definitions that have already existed in different forms in other publications released before.

Copyright on text does not last for fifty years as claimed by Janas, but for 70 years after the death of the author.

To investigate the authenticity of the above claims, Wikinews asked the main author of the two paragraphs in question, Wikipedian Julo, about the sources used to write the entry. He confirmed that he had written the text in question, and not copied it from an encyclopedic publication as claimed by Jana.

It is therefore impossible that both Julo and the people responsible for the exercise book advertisement have used the same uncopyrighted encyclopedia, thus coincidentally creating identical texts. The reporters also noted that the first draft of the introduction to the article was written by WaldemarWolskiHuta (February 2006). Afterward the text had undergone some modifications by Julo (September 2006), as well as Picus viridis and Beno (March 2008). However, the text presented in the press promotional material, which – according to – came from an old-print encyclopedia is identical to the Wikipedia entry after the changes mentioned above had been made. Julo added that he was still alive, together with the other authors of the article in question who constituted the group of the copyright co-holders. This naturally led to a conclusion that neither 50 nor 70 years could have passed since their death. He left’s actions with a comment that although the contents he and the other Wikimedians had made public and free, they are far from making them available in any “free style”, but under a specified license.

In follow up messages to Jaros?aw Janas, Wikinews reporters confronted the creative director over his seemingly inaccurate claims.

Wikinews was told in a reply that would ignore the claims unless they see permission from the author of the original content to investigate this story. They were also informed that further e-mails without any specifics sent by the reporter would be qualified as spam.’s creative director further added that he found the reporter’s picture on the Internet and asked how the person would feel if this picture was to appear on billboards or press releases that advertised the TV station.

Wikipedia does allow copying of its content under certain conditions. The encyclopedia’s content is released under the GNU Free Documentation License, which means that it can be copied, modified, and used commercially and non-commercially – under the conditions that the license’s text is included with the copied content and the five main authors are mentioned. If a part of the article is used, like in the example quoted in this news story, a “right to quote”, recognized by Polish law, may be used. In such a case it suffices to mention the source of the text (Polish Wikipedia) and the author of the excerpt. met none of these conditions, meaning that copyright has been violated.

Over a year ago Polish Wikinews reported on a similar problem, regarding the use of free-licensed photographs. Since that time such “borrowings” have become less frequent, however photos are still being used in discordance with the license. Journalists have gotten used to citing sources, e.g. Wikipedia, although licensing conditions require attributing the actual author, not the source. So instead of attributing John Doe for his contribution, agencies like Polska Agencja Prasowa (Polish Press Agency) are attributing the source, Wikipedia.

In early September 2008 a similar situation occurred in relation to the Polish edition of Wiktionary. Gazeta Wyborcza, a Polish daily, published an IKEA advertisement, on the opening page of which an almost word-for-word Wiktionary entry was placed; additionally the advertisement used the characteristic MediaWiki layout. The reference to the external source used was missing.

In April 2008, an example of an Australian professor was cited; the scientist, in a reply to a news story, quoted a Wikipedia definition almost word-for-word. The same professor condemned the use of Wikipedia in his previous press appearances.

In 2005 Wikipedia material was discovered in the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, which acknowledged its fault and published appropriate apologies in place of the article in the online edition.

Frontline magazine in 2007 was found using an image from Wikipedia without proper credit. When pointed out the magazine acknowledged the failing and a correction was promptly given in the subsequent issue.