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Friday, February 11, 2005

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Do You Need Auto Towing Services In Richmond Va?

Posted on February 15th, 2018

byAlma Abell

When a vehicle can no longer start or be driven safely, a tow truck can be a lifesaver. Because of this, it is a good idea for drivers to have a towing company that they trust and can call if they ever need it. Auto Towing Services Richmond VA will be able to get the vehicle to where it needs to be. Here are some of the most common reasons that people call for a tow truck.

Automobile Accidents

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In instances where vehicles run into each other, the damage can be substantial. This is sometimes true even if neither vehicle was going very fast. Occasionally a car may accidentally strike a stationary object as well, such as a tree. After an automobile accident, some or all of the vehicles involved may not start, and a tow truck will be needed to take each vehicle to have it repaired.

Even when vehicles will still run after a wreck, it is generally best not to drive them. The crash may have left internal damage that is not yet noticeable. The vehicles will need to be towed to where they can be inspected by auto repair professionals who will find out if they are safe to drive.

Vehicle Breakdown

It is not uncommon for a vehicle to break down even without a wreck. In some cases, a flat tire can be a reason to call a towing service. If the vehicle does not have an extra tire and the driver has no quick way to purchase a new tire, the car may have to be towed to a tire service. Click here for more details.

A variety of internal problems can also cause automobiles to break down. Sometimes people get into their vehicle and discover that it will not start. If no simple fix presents itself, the vehicle may need to be towed to a repair shop. In some instances, a car might start yet still have problems that make it not safe to drive. A vehicle that is overheating or has other similar trouble often needs to be towed so that repairs can be made.

If a vehicle needs towing for these or any other reasons, turn to auto towing services in Richmond, VA and have the vehicle moved fast. Visit for more information about how to get a vehicle towed.

Intel launches 45nm “Penryn” processor aiming for energy-efficiency

Posted on February 15th, 2018

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This week in Taiwan Intel and other technology companies showcased server and computer hardware with processors built using “Penryn” technology, the second generation of quad core technology that is produced with the high-k metal Hafnium that has come to replace halogen and lead components, which are not environmentally safe.

This new 45 nanometer (45nm) process technology included features on Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (SSE4) compatible with video decoding (encoding) software, “Radix 16” which increased computing efficiency, and “deep power down” technology for energy efficiency. For the SSE4 feature, this will benefit makers of high-definition and AV-media, as both HDMI and 1080p are supported.

Companies that will participate in the Taiwan Informonth exhibition next month, announced that some products with “Penryn” processors will be on the market by then. Some companies like Tyan and Supermicro will provide small business solutions as well as enterprises solutions. This launch will be tied to other unveilings by the IT and AV-media industries in Taiwan.

Ailing social networking website MySpace loses co-president after four months

Posted on February 15th, 2018

Monday, June 21, 2010

News Corp., the parent company of MySpace, announced Friday that Co-President Jason Hirschhorn has decided to leave the social networking website because he wishes to return to his home city of New York. MySpace is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.

MySpace was founded in 2003 by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe and purchased for $580 million by News Corps. at the height of its popularity in 2005. In recent years, however, MySpace has been losing out in monthly unique visitors to similar sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. According to comScore, an Internet marketing research company that tracks website traffic, Facebook attracted 519 million unique visitors in April of this year, and MySpace just 111 million visitors. In response, MySpace has been recently shifting its focus towards music, games, and videos, and plans to continue doing the same in the near future.

Meanwhile, another failing social network, Bebo, was sold for less than $10 million by AOL to hedge fund firm Criterion Capital Partners this week. AOL acquired Bebo for $850 million in 2008. MySpace’s reduced traffic and the departure of another executive have led industry insiders to draw comparisons between the two sites.

In April 2009, DeWolfe stepped down as MySpace’s Chief Executive Office (CEO). He was replaced by former Facebook Chief Revenue Officer Owen Van Natta, but Natta held on to that position for just nine months. In February 2010, Hirschhorn was promoted from his position as Chief Product Officer along with Chief Operating Officer Michael Jones to the position of co-president. The departure of Hurschhorn leaves Jones to continue on as sole president. MySpace have said they do not intend on replacing Hirschhorn.

Thrill rides in U.S., Canada shut down after girl’s feet are severed

Posted on February 15th, 2018

Friday, June 22, 2007

The United States amusement park operator Six Flags has shut down nine thrill rides at four parks after a 13-year-old girl’s feet were cut off on a tower-drop ride yesterday at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville.

Kentucky state officials said a loose cable on a ride called the Superman Tower of Power severed the girl’s feet above the ankles, but they had not determined how the cable broke free, or at what point in the ride the accident happened. The ride lifts passengers 177 feet (54 metres) straight up, then drops them nearly the same distance at speeds reaching 54 mph (86 km/h).

The girl, whose identity has not been released, was taken to a hospital. Details of her condition were not immediately available.

Six Flags spokeswoman Carolyn McLean told The Courier-Journal that there has never been a major incident on the Tower of Power. Formerly known as the Hellavator, the ride was built in 1995.

In addition to Kentucky Kingdom, rides have been shut down at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois; Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka, Missouri; and Six Flags America, Prince George’s County, Maryland.

A Superman Tower of Power Ride at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington has not been shut down because it is not the same as the ones in Kentucky and the other locations that have been shut, Six Flags spokeswoman Wendy Goldberg told the Associated Press.

The rides that have been shut down are made by a Swiss-owned company called Intamin.

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company said it was shutting down similar thrill rides at its theme parks at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio; Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario; Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia; Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina; and Great America in Santa Clara, California.

So You Want To Be A Consultant?}

Posted on February 15th, 2018

Submitted by: Matt Bacak

Let’s say you have more than 20 years experience in your chosen field. For the sake of this article, let’s say you have been in the nonprofit field for 25 years and are at the very top of your game. And let’s say you’re a bit bored with the hum-drum day-to-day routine of being an executive director. You love nonprofit sector, but you need more of a challenge and you yearn to help people grow and achieve success in their nonprofit careers. Plus, you’d like to earn a little bit more money and are a bit tired of the board of directors overseeing everything you do.

Perhaps it’s time to go into business for yourself. Perhaps it’s time to become a consultant, a coach, a speaker and trainer. The thought is exciting, albeit a little frightening. You’re current salary is certainly respectable for a person with your skills and experience, and the health insurance and retirement plan are comforting benefits that you don’t want to relinquish. But none of these factors have been able to sufficiently scratch that darned itch that keeps telling you it’s time to start your own nonprofit consulting business.

Going into business for yourself as a consultant, coach, or speaker (or all of the above) requires determination, a little self-sacrifice (in the beginning), and a lot of experience. People hire consultants because they need the expertise of someone who has been there and done thathundreds of times. There are consultants in literally every career field, and once they become accustomed to the process of generating clientele, they can make over double what they were earning as employees. In fact, recent statistics show that successful and established consultants can make anywhere from $1,200 to $5,000 per day.

There is power and prestige in consulting that can rarely be found in management positions, even executive positions. The power comes from calling the shots as a business owner and making sure people know they need you; the prestige comes from being the very best in your fieldand making sure people know it.

But there’s a not so subtle difference in owning your own business and owning your own consulting firm. Lots of people own businesses. My fianc owns a deli, my father owns a small publishing business, and my mother owns a bakery. But owning your own consulting firm lets people know that you’re the crme de la crme in your field – and if they want to rise to the top like you have, they’ll hire you to help them.

Consulting firms, like the one you will soon own, can be anything from a one man show to a large agency boasting senior and junior associates. Most consultants make their day to day income from coaching and mentoring individuals in the field – charging anywhere from $300 (for junior level staffers) to $500 (for senior executives) per hour. They also assist clients with organizational development, strategic and financial planning, and a host of other services including workshop facilitation and board and staff retreats. And if they like to speak in front of audiences, many consultants make thousands of dollars simply talking to a crowd for a few hours about their experiences and knowledge.

While it’s not as easy as 1-2-3 to quite your job and start making $5,000 a day as a consultant, it’s certainly not as difficult as it looks – especially if you’re very very good at what you do and have expertise that few can match. Start off as a moonlighter, which is the term used when someone has a day job but works on their own business in the evenings. Make a simple business card for yourself and during your lunch hour at work, go to chamber of commerce or rotary meetings where you can network and talk to people about your new consulting practice.

It’s not too difficult to pick up a small client or two this way, and once you do a good job for them and build confidence in yourself you’ll begin to branch out and up. People will hear about you, your phone will start ringing, those simple business cards you handed out at the rotary meetings will change hands and generate bigger clients, and you’ll begin to realize that maybe you really can quit that hum-drum job and make it big on your very own.

About the Author: Matt Bacak became “#1 Best Selling Author” in just a few short hours. Recent Entrepreneur Magazines e-Biz radio show host is turning Authors, Speakers, and Experts into Overnight Success Stories. Discover The Secrets


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Two Iraqi women, one pregnant, killed by US soldiers

Posted on February 15th, 2018

Friday, June 2, 2006

Two women, one of them about to give birth, were shot dead by US forces as they rode in a car headed toward a maternity hospital in Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad, according to witnesses and Iraqi police Capt. Laith Mohammed.

Nabiha Nisaif Jassim, 35, and her 57-year-old cousin, Saliha Mohammed Hassan, were killed by the gunfire, according to the Associated Press. Jassim, a mother of two, was pregnant with her third child; doctors at a nearby hospital tried unsuccessfully to save the baby.

Khalid Nisaif Jassim told reporters that he was rushing his sister to the hospital for childbirth. “I was driving my car at full speed because I did not see any sign or warning from the Americans. It was not until they shot the two bullets that killed my sister and cousin that I stopped.

“God take revenge on the Americans and those who brought them here,” he added. “They have no regard for our lives.”

A US military statement released Friday disputed the account. “A local national sedan entered a clearly marked prohibited area near coalition troops at an observation post,” the statement read. “As the vehicle neared the troop location and failed to stop despite repeated visual and auditory signals, disabling shots were fired into the vehicle. The vehicle stopped, changed direction, and quickly departed the area.”

The e-mailed statement to the Associated Press also expressed regret for the loss of life, noting that “coalition forces go to great lengths to prevent them.”

The Washington Post reported that the women’s bodies were “wrapped in sheets and lying on stretchers outside the Samarra General Hospital before being taken to the morgue, while residents pointed to bullet holes on the windshield of a car and a pool of blood on the seat”.

The US military has increased the number of investigations into charges of misconduct against US troops, most notably following the alleged mass murder of as many as 24 civilians in the town of Haditha, west of Baghdad. Initially, 15 civilians and eight insurgents were reported dead in gunfire following a roadside bombing that killed a US Marine. Military spokesman Major-General William Caldwell said, “there are three or four (investigations) at least at this time” and that they are in “the first stages.”

American TV personality and “Tonight Show” sidekick Ed McMahon dies at 86

Posted on February 15th, 2018

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ed McMahon, the long time announcer of The Tonight Show, has died age 86. McMahon, who joined The Tonight Show in 1962, died at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center shortly after midnight on June 23. Made famous by his “Here’s Johnny!” catchphrase, McMahon worked with Tonight Show host Johnny Carson for 30 years.

In recent years, McMahon had battled several health issues. In 2007, he fell and broke his neck through which he suffered pain until his death. He began to suffer from pneumonia in March 2009. Reports also began to surface that he had been diagnosed with suspected bone cancer.

McMahon was a Marine Corps fighter pilot in World War II and returned to the United States after the war. He graduated college and became a television producer in Philadelphia. He later served in the Korean War, completing another tour of duty, then was selected as the announcer for ABC daytime program Who Do You Trust? This was the first time McMahon worked alongside Johnny Carson. The two were paired up again four years later as McMahon replaced Hugh Downs as the announcer on The Tonight Show. McMahon earned a reported US$1 million a year working with Carson.

McMahon also appeared in several films and was the host of the talent show Star Search. He annually co-hosted the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and conducted coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

McMahon is survived by his wife Pam and five children. No funeral arrangements have been planned as of yet.

News briefs: March 24, 2012

Posted on February 14th, 2018

Saturday, March 24, 2012

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Saturday, March 24, 2012
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Why Is This Natural Compound The World’s #1 Best Selling Muscle Building Supplement}

Posted on February 14th, 2018

Why Is This Natural Compound The World’s #1 Best-Selling Muscle Building Supplement


If you’ve been working long and hard in the gym but find that it’s weeks or months since you saw any appreciable gains in strength or muscularity, you may well get used to hearing that these sticking points are entirely normal and that there’s no alternative to working ever harder until your body somehow miraculously trains its way through the problem.But unfortunately when it comes to activities such as lifting weights, body-building, field athletics, sprinting or contact sports, the idea that “more is better” simply doesn’t work. The problem is that the stronger you get, the more intensively you need to train to maintain your progress, placing huge demands on the energy reserves in your muscles and your body’s powers of recovery.So this can be an intensely frustrating time. Your progress has inevitably slowed, yet if you try to force the pace beyond your body’s recovery ability you risk ceasing to progress altogether, and may even find yourself getting weaker.Not surprisingly then, strength and power event athletes have searched desperately for anything that might help them get past this barrier even turning in large numbers to the illegal and highly dangerous, but often extremely effective anabolic steroids. But those sensible enough on grounds of ethics or self-preservation not to go down this route needed something else.The isolation of creatine, a 100% natural substance that seemed to mimic the effects of steroids therefore produced enormous excitement. While even now the science behind creatine remains to some extent in its infancy, the key to its importance seems to lie in its relationship with another compound in your body called adenosine-tri-phosphate (ATP), which is the vital source of energy your muscles need when engaged in an intensive, quick burst activity such as lifting weights or sprinting.The problem is that in most people supplies of ATP are exhausted as quickly as within 10-15 seconds, to be replaced by the useless by-product, adenosine-bi-phosphate (ADP). Amazingly enough, it seems that the creatine stored within your muscles can then convert the ADP produced by this process back into ATP, producing more energy for your muscles, rather in the way that a car turbocharger works.More energy in your muscles means the ability to perform longer, harder workouts, which can’t help but dramatically accelerate your gains in greater strength and power always provided of course that you allow adequate time for recovery. And although less well understood, there is evidence that creatine can enhance the process of protein synthesis by which your body repairs and strengthens muscle tissue, potentially reducing the necessary recovery time between workouts.Creatine is produced in the liver by the synthesis of three essential amino acids arginine, methionine and glycine and around 95-98% of your body’s supply is stored in the muscles typically in a concentration of around 3.5-4 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.So the crucial question was: would supplementing these natural levels enhance creatine’s effects? When research indicated that the answer to this question was yes, it was no surprise that creatine quickly became the biggest selling sports supplement of all time. In fact as long ago as 1988 more than $200 million worth of creatine products were sold.But a couple of cautionary words are necessary. Some of the marketing behind this astonishing figure has been ethically dubious to put it politely. It has to be stated that creatine is definitely not some miracle formula for superhuman strength. You’re not going to be able to pop a pill and sit back on the couch with a pizza while your body quickly and painlessly transforms itself into that of an elite strength athlete.Creatine may dramatically enhance the results of your workouts, but in no way can it be a substitute for them. If you want the results, you still have to put in the work, a point by the way, which is often forgotten, but equally true of anabolic steroids.Secondly, creatine seems only to be really effective for certain kinds of physical activity; those which demand muscle strength, bulk and explosive power. The benefits have proved much harder to assess in the case of endurance events such as long distance running, swimming cycling or triathlon, although there is some evidence that creatine may help in slowing down or reducing the build up of lactic acid, the substance that causes that characteristic and painful burning sensation as your muscles fatigue during exercise.Remember, too, that creatine occurs naturally within the body, and as with other such substances the amounts vary from individual to individual. So understand that if you’re one of those who naturally produce high levels, further supplementation may produce little or no benefit. Conversely, if your body produces only moderate to low amounts, a good quality supplement may well produce very rapid developments in your physique.The only real way to tell which category your body falls into is to give it a test drive with this new muscle fuel supplement. A month of supplementation, combined of course with regular tough workouts, should be enough to find out whether creatine’s going to help you.

Steve Smith is a freelance copywriter specialising in direct marketing, with a particular interest in health products. Find out more about green tea at

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