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Posted on March 10th, 2018

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A woman’s age is a major factor in the success of IVF for any couple. A woman’s ability to conceive a child reduces with age. If you are using your own eggs, on average, the younger you are the higher your chances of success of conceiving. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have and they dont make any new eggs during their lifetime.

“Biological clock” in women arises from the fact that oocytes progressively decline in number as females get older.The term biological clock often brings up the image of a ticking time bomb that is the female reproductive system. Women in modern culture seek travel, an education and a career. Often, we expect to meet our spouse in college.If that doesnt happen, we may feel lost. As women get older, the choice of having a child may become more pressing. When we are aware of our biological clock, it is time to consciously choose and plan for our own family.

If a woman has gone for 12 consecutive months without having a period, shes officially reached menopause. For some women, menopause signifies an end to their child bearing years and the realization that they are getting older.

During the beginning stages of menopause when you’re still having an occasional period and are technically considered to be in the perimenopause phase you can get pregnant.Talk to your ob-gyn about the right birth control for you during this time.

Getting pregnant grows increasingly more difficult with age. A number of factors conspire to make both conception and a healthy pregnancy harder for older women. Namely, as you near perimenopause, ovulation becomes irregular, making conception more difficult.

Secondly, whereas men are constantly producing new sperm, women are born with all the eggs they will ever produce.

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Premature ovarian failure also known as primary ovarian insufficiency refers to a loss of normal function of your ovaries before age 40. If your ovaries fail, they don’t produce normal amounts of the hormone estrogen or release eggs regularly. Infertility is a common result.Premature ovarian failure is sometimes referred to as premature menopause, but the two conditions aren’t exactly the same.Women with premature ovarian failure may have irregular or occasional periods for years and may even become pregnant.

If you notice that you’ve skipped your period for three months or more, see your doctor to help determine what may be the cause. You may miss your period for a number of reasons including pregnancy, stress, or a change in diet or exercise habits but it’s best to get evaluated whenever your menstrual cycle changes.

Pregnancy over age 50 has, over recent years, become more possible for women, due to recent advances in assisted reproductive technology.We have professionally work with people facing their biological clock and assist them in following their own two feet, releasing fear and focusing on a graceful path towards a family of their own.

Why Freeze Eggs?

At birth, all females have about 1 million eggs. By puberty, a womans egg reserve has declined by 50% and each month thereafter, she will lose an additional 750 eggs.

There is good news.Egg freezing provides a way for women to be their own donors. Women can have their eggs retrieved at a younger age and preserve them using

cryopreservation technology. When a woman is ready to get pregnant, she has her younger eggs available to increase her chances of success.

We at Indira IVF have successfully helped older couples for their dream of parenthood.Get in touch with us today for more details and to get started.Pregnancy During perimenopause phase or Getting Pregnant After Menopause should be checked with help of infertility experts and IVF Specialist.

We at Indira IVF love success stories! There is no greater reward than a patient sharing the success that they have had at Reproductive Partners. Here is a collection of some of the happy patients and their stories of success with IVF treatment.

We offer everything for fertility treatment under one roof. We believe in giving our patients our best in a transparent and caring environment where our well trained & experienced staff is always ready to answer queries and institute expert care.

We help you in Your IVF Journey – infertility diagnosis can be as emotionally stressful as a life-threatening disease. It’s important to find inspiration, meaning, and hope throughout your infertility journey to keep you motivated and focused on your family-building goals, along with our Most Advanced IVf ART Technology at your service.

IVF Lab at INDIRA IVF allows our patients to receive the highest level of fertility care together with the absolute latest in assisted reproductive technology (ART). All of our ART treatments and testing are performed in-house ensuring tighter control and top-notch security for the best chance at successful treatment.

If youre trying to get pregnant and are having difficulty,its a time you take help of our fertility specialist.The joy of planning a pregnancy, starting or growing your family, and all the wonderful emotions are life changing moments of our life. We have supported 2700+ couples for Family Building Dreams.

Test Tube Baby Clinic success stories – check out our Happy Patients Testimonials Videos at Indira IVF Clinic India.Choose to be part of our success.These days with IVF so prevalent, getting pregnant after menopause is something that many women can achieve – get in touch with our experts for exploring your options today.

Contact us today for consultation with a highly-skilled fertility specialist for the treatments available and to get answer to all your questions and doubts about Menopause conception – Fertility & IVF After Age 50 Older Women Pregnancy.The Myths About Pregnancy & Menopause – Can You get pregnant after menopause? – Pregnancy During perimenopause phase -Extend Fertility – Getting Pregnant After Menopause and more at or at or simply call at 0294-2412063 or 0294-2414756 or 07665009965

About the Author: Indira IVF Success stories & IVF success rates – Infertility Treatment success stories India, 2000+ IVF pregnancies in just 3 years at INDIRA IVF. Indira IVF is India’s Leading IVF Centre. It is a True IVF Advantage with Most Advanced ART IVF Lab Technology at your Service offering best fertility treatment in India. We offer Closed Working Chambers, A Cutting-Edge Technology for helping in the development of better quality embryos which increases the IVF success rates of your infertility treatment. We provide simultaneously the best medication along with affordable cost which makes us different from others. Indira Infertility Clinic and Research Centre provide best and affordable IVF Treatment in achieving IVF pregnancy. Indira IVF Supports Your Family in building dreams with IVF. Remember the more you delay proper treatment the less are your chances of conceiving as the success of any infertility treatment is majorly dependent on the woman’s age.


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What Is A Logo And How Does It Relate To Graphics}

Posted on March 3rd, 2018

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Logo is the image showcasing an organization. Logos have a great history behind it, and it takes a special place in any modern day art forms. Logos are a form of art. Logos are that unique symbol or entity that uniquely represents something, and they are incorporated in many areas which could be companies, products, teams, brands, websites, advertisements and many other places. Creating and designing any logos require special ideas and creative thinking. These creative logos along with applied graphics make any website more attractive. These days, there is very high demand for logo design and graphic design. Logo designing has come a long way from only being black and white to more colors and diverse symbols. Logos have become an integral part of any company or organizations. Today logos serve the purpose of being the identity of firms. Designing such logos takes a great amount of effort and creative knowledge. It requires careful craftsmanship with an innovative idea. There are some designers who portray the whole organization’s theme in a small logo that describes everything about it. Some of the famous logos are IBM,HP, football club teams like Manchester United team, Barcelona and other companies like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Coca-Cola etc. last decade has seen tremendous growth in the industry and many companies have made a foray into this area and have been quite successful. So anyone can say that this is an ever-growing field with lots of opportunities.

Graphic designs are also an important part of the industry. It is an interesting area. Wikipedia defines Graphic Design as the methodology of visual communication and problem solving through the use of various type, space, and image. Any ideas and messages can be represented through the use of graphics. These days graphics are also created using various sophisticated professional softwares. Even then the idea to incorporate these has to come from innovative and out of the box thinking. These graphic designs increase the transfer of knowledge and visual images faster. Graphics can also be used to highlight the texts and make them look more stylish. Graphics too has come a long way since its inception. They make life more colorful and cheerful being attractive.

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Logo design and graphics design are very well connected. In simpler terms logo, designing is a part of graphics designing. Graphics designing also include logos, brochure designing, tattoos, sketches, website interfaces and fashion designs. Initially, graphics design started out in 2 dimensions and later in the modern days it is also done in 3 Dimensions. 3D communication and technique convey the intended message with much more reality and strength. Graphics has become part and parcel of our life. It controls most of the things that we currently see, watch, touch or feel. Increase in graphics techniques also led to the much bigger animation industry. Large platforms use animations and graphics. The Number of animations movies and advertisements that include these elements are very large and ever increasing. The popularity of these movies is also increasing a lot. The recent invention in this field is motion graphics that are created to experience it over a fixed time span.

There is a tremendous growth in these graphic design and logo design field with the advent of internet technology. Also, the companies providing these services are increasing day by day creating something new and mind blowing every time. These logo design and graphic design are very well connected and interlinked. There are many forms of graphics designing which is taking shape in the present generation. I will not be wrong when I say our future will be filled with graphics.

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Tips To Choose Catering Services For Special Events}

Posted on October 17th, 2017

Tips to Choose Catering Services For Special Events


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In the event of catering services most event planners have something in their mind, to make an event successful. Without good food the whole event would be a failure. As a result to give the guests or visitors a better experience, you need to choose the best cuisines from your events caterer. On the other hand it’s not very easy to find ideal catering services suitable for the event. Here the customer must spend quality time researching about available caterers through online websites in the preferred locality. Before hiring a catering company, you should verify their dish menu and previous track records. It’s always better to test samples before taking final decision on caterers.

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Below is a list of guidelines to follow before hiring catering services for your special or corporate events:

Type of event: Choose a catering company according to your event. Verify whether the caterer will be able to handle the number of guests that you are intending to invite for the event. An ideal caterer would provide various options and food preferences. Some of the guests would prefer vegetarian food or sugar free items, so ensure that the caterer would fulfill the specific needs of the invitees.

Budget: Discuss budget with your preferred caterer and check out various available options. Be clear on the proposed menu and verify whether the menu reflects the style or theme of the organized event. Some times the budget may not or may determine the flexibility of your caterer towards your needs. Request for a quotation of services offered alongside outlining the payment details. Find out whether there are any hidden or extra charges for catering services.

Brief the caterer: After you have chosen a caterer, brief them about the details of the event. This will help in eliminating any misunderstandings arising in the last minute. Then you need to confirm total number of invitees for the event. It would be better to take 80% of total attendance as confirmed guests, for ordering food.

Wait staff: Verify whether the catering company offers wait-staff or serves. If gratuities and taxes are included in the final amount, then ask your caterer to provide potential staff to serve the guests.

Leftovers: This is another aspect that you need to discuss with your caterer. Upon requests the company would compile leftovers into a food basket without any extra charges to the host of an event.

By keeping all the above mentioned tips in mind, you can get a potential caterer for your event. Remember you should communicate with the caterer effectively in order to get exceptional catering services required for the event.

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Tips to Choose Catering Services For Special Events