The 5 Well Known Smoke Shops In The Usa

Posted on October 21st, 2017

By Christa Kowalczyk

The Cuba Tobbaco Trading, Thompson Cigar Company, Edwards Pipe & Tobacco, The Ybor City, and Casa Fuente Cigar Bar are among the well-known cigar shops in the USA found in three cigar cities -Tampa, Miami and Las Vegas.

If you are a cigar aficionado searching for some affable city where you can lap up a smoke, you sure can find them. Miami, Florida provides a profuse Cuban cigar ethnicity. Tampa, Florida is celebrated for a vivid history of cigar. Las Vegas offers you recreational galore and smoking delight.

Miami, Florida is one place where the finest cigars are sold. Little Havana is an area of the city that is greatly entrenched in Cuban cigar customs. May Cuban settlers own cigar specialty shops there. The Cuba Tobacco Trading by Pedro and Peter Bello is one of the most sought after shops in Miami.

Tampa is prominent for some its cigar retailers such as Thompson Cigar Company and Edwards Pipe & Tobacco. The Ybor City, on the other hand, was the late 18th century’s Cigar Capital of the World. It is now evolved into a favorite entertainment quarter.

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The Edward’s Pipe & Tobacco has also stores in Colorado, and North Dallas. The store has been offering eclectic pipes, cigars and a wide collection of accessories like lighters. It’s been in the business since 1964.

Thompson Cigar Company was established in Key West, Florida in 1915. Thompson is USA’s oldest mail order cigar business, which still carries the Postal Permit number 1 for Tampa, Florida. The company’s commitment to supply an extensive choice of products at sensible prices continues. Thompson Cigar Company also owns and runs the country’s biggest supply storage humidor, which was specially developed to ensure the freshness and quality of each tobacco sold.

The company’s call center that’s consists of 200 customer-oriented, courteous staff provides answers to your concerns regarding cigar. You can place your order online or you can visit Thomson Cigar store in Tampa, Monday through Saturdays.

The Ybor City adjacent to downtown Tampa has a tradition of cigar production. Tired of constant political strife of his country, Don Vicente Martinez Ybor, owner of a cigar factory in Cuba, escaped to Tampa, Florida and set up his cigar territory there. With the flourishing of Ybor’s factories, Jewish, Cuban, and Italian settlers were drawn to either establish their own trades or work in the factories. Renowned as the Ybor City, the locality contained 200 cigar factories and 12,000 cigar makers or tabaqueros generating an approximated 700 million cigars annually. However, the Ybor City went to seed when the ban and depression plagued the region. The Ybor City developed into a National Historical Landmark over the passing of so many years. Nowadays, tourists are fascinated with the vivaciousness of its ambiance, distinctiveness of its history, and idiosyncrasies of its architecture. This bubbly Latin district even takes pride in its own fermented beer referred to as the Ybor Gold.

Cigars are manually rolled even now by expert tabaqueros, and Roberto Ramirez is one of the most illustrious. Born in Cuba, and ranked among the world’s top ten greatest cigar rollers, Roberto is one of the White House’s guests tasked to exhibit his expertise. Ybor City guests can pay a visit to Gonzalez Martinez Cigar Factory found on 21st Street and 7th Avenue and see the handiwork of pro tabaqueros who flaunt their skill everyday.

Casa Fuente Cigar Bar is a smoker’s haven in Las Vegas. When you’re in the city, be sure to stop at Casa Fuente that’s located at the Caesar’s Palace. Casa Fuente is more than just a family store selling Arturo Fuente cigars; it is a bar that offers a choice of beverages like wines and cocktails, too. The Fuente cigars are trendy, exclusive products that come from Dominican Republic.

The Cuban-themed establishment of Casa Fuente is welcoming, with mosaic-designed floors and Fuente family’s portraits adorns the interior.

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Planning To Insure Your Business? Know What To Consider

Posted on September 29th, 2017

Every business, regardless of its size and industry, needs insurance to protect itself from various financial losses that can arise due to unfortunate events such as natural disasters liability, theft or litigation. Business owners today know the importance of insurance, but many of them fail to plan properly while insuring their business.

Business owners should make sure that their business is covered for all the possible events that can lead to financial loss. Here are some key things every business owner should consider while purchasing insurance policy.

Risks associated with your business type

Almost every business faces risks. Depending on the industry and size of the business, risks can vary. In order to provide full security to your business from financial losses, you need to purchase insurance policy that covers all risks related to your business. But for that, you should identify and evaluate risks specific to your business. It is not an easy task to find out the risks associated with a business. Hence, it is better to take experienced and professional help.

Assets which require protection

Identify your business assets that might face risk and require an appropriate protection. Your business assets may include your company’s building, vehicles, business equipment like PCs, important files or documents, patents, copyrights, business products, and the most important assets of your business – your employees.

Types of business insurance

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Some of the important insurance policies that may be required by a business are:

Property insurance – Physical properties such as building, furniture, machinery, electronic devices, involve a lot of investment. Mishaps such as fire accidents, earthquakes, floods, etc. can damage your property and may lead to huge financial losses. Hence, insuring these things is very important for any business.

Public liability insurance – This insurance is very important for businesses, where their customers or general public visit their premises. If any customer or any person gets injured or dies at your business premises, you will have to pay for their claims. Public liability insurance protects you against the legal suits and claims resulted from the third party.

Product liability insurance – If your business involves in manufacturing or selling any physical products, then you must consider taking product liability insurance. Since they are your products, you are legally responsible for any damage or injury they cause. If any person claims for the damage, you have to pay for it.

Employer’s liability insurance – If you have employees, you should have employer’s liability insurance. This insurance offers financial support when your employees fall sick or die in course of the employment.

These are the general insurance policies you need to include in your business insurance policy, so that you can protect your business from various types of financial losses.

Choose comprehensive policy from a reliable insurance broker

Now that you are aware of the common types of insurance policies, it is the time to choose a policy that covers all your business’ requirements. As discussed earlier, it is better to take professional (reputed broker or agent) help when choosing an insurance policy for your business.

Advantages of buying insurance through a reputed brokerage firm:

•Insurance brokers provide reliable, fast and professional service

•They understand your business and the specific type of risks associated with your business. So after getting clear idea about your business’ needs, they tailor your business insurance policy to exactly match your business requirements

•They offer sound advice. They estimate the amount of coverage required for your business

•They not only offer you a competitive price, but also provide you with the wide cover

•In case of liabilities, they also deal with the legal issues, without having the need for the owner to interfere

The essential characteristic of an effective insurance is to cover the business against unforeseen hurdles that might occur. So, depending on your business requirements get a right and complete cover by considering all the above mentioned factors.

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