Quanzhou Yu Garden Tea For Two Consecutive Years Failed Quality Check

By Himfr Tian

March 25, Fujian Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision formal exposure to the community in 2008, 2009, two consecutive years of unqualified product quality supervision and spot checks of 28 companies and their products “black list”, Yu Garden, Quanzhou, Fujian tea industry Limited-ups. This report caused public concern, we all know, Yu Garden tea industry is in Quanzhou, a certain well-known tea brands, repeated exposure quality, brand image for its negative effects can be imagined. And another less than a month is listed in the peak spring and such a time node, the emergence of such an event seems extremely sensitive.

“3.15” Consumer Protection, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quality Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province, product quality supervision and spot checks carried out. Recently, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision formal exposure to all sectors of society in 2008, for two consecutive years 2009, failed quality supervision and spot checks of 28 companies and their products “blacklist”, and guide consumers to purchase, which, Quanzhou, Fujian Province Yue Yuen Tea Co., Ltd. has entered a “blacklist.”

In order to restore the truth as far as possible, a few days ago, reporters connect the phone, general manager Yu Jui tea garden management, he said, occurred in 08,09 years of unqualified products after checking the company to respond quickly and immediately organized Products to supplement inspection and review carried out by product quality have been completed qualified. The products have all failed before the next frame processing. The reason for this phenomenon, Jui tube that is mainly because there are more than a month away from spring and the time listed on the market than the shortage of tea in the tea growers during the company will carry out a number of replenishment, the middle guard is not there serious phenomenon, which led to a number of cases of excessive pesticide residues in tea. Company said the acquisition in the future production process will be strict checks to ensure product quality, the consumer is responsible.

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Twice tested positive for the quality, Yu Garden Tea Company is clearly aware of the business development process in a more profound contradictions are prominent psychological palpable urgency to solve the problem. However, this problem has been detected pesticide residues are low in the industry seems wrong, a brand the company should not be repeat offenders repeatedly wrong.

General Manager of Hua Hong Tea Anxi high water governance that currently a lot of tea, check prices on the tea quality is controlled from the terminal, which is testing the acquisition Maocha later. And if the real source for checking in, you can save a lot of unnecessary testing out the middle part.

In fact, in order to solve the problem pesticide residues in tea, Anxi county government in recent years a number of supporting policies to encourage enterprises to establish tea ecological tea production base, to promote tea production traceability system to help merchants prevent pesticide problems, due to policy guidance and tea enterprise wide attention, the problem pesticide residues in tea have been extensively checked, and a few operational issues due to their own brands, so far still can not eradicate.

“Moral sense of business and the continued survival of consciousness should be further strengthened, in particular the history of this Tieguanyin facing development opportunities, the major tea brands are mustering the strength waiting for an opportunity to enhance industry image, in this critical time, must not be lost because of small large. “Huaxiang Court Industries Limited and Chairman Xiao Wenhua said so.

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