All You Need To Know About The Process Of Sewage Treatment In Maui

Posted on May 30th, 2018

byAlma Abell

Sewage/wastewater treatment is one of the essential services that we often take for granted without realizing the immense role they play in our lives. The purpose of this treatment is to keep quality of wastewater high. Apart from cleaning the water, sewage treatment is also critical in maintaining proper ecological balance of water bodies. In spite of the immense importance of this process, few people know the process of sewage treatment in maui. Here is a simple description of the process that hopefully will be of value to you.

Sewage treatment occurs in three stages:

1. Primary Treatment

This first stage of sewage treatment is also called mechanical treatment. At this stage, there is removal of most of the solid materials and suspensions in the water. The solid materials are first screened and then removed through the process of sedimentation.

2. Secondary Treatment

The next stage is secondary treatment, also called biological treatment. Wastewater from primary treatment still has a lot of odor and organic materials as well as dissolved materials that escaped the screening process. If it is released in water bodies in this form, the organic materials are likely to deplete oxygen in these bodies through decomposition since the process uses up oxygen. Fish and other organisms in these waters suffocate when the level of oxygen gets low. In addition, chemicals like nitrates and phosphates lead to exponential growth of algae which uses up a lot of oxygen. Plants for Sewage Treatment in Maui usually encourage the growth of harmless microorganisms in the water through the process of aeration. These microorganisms feed on the organic materials instead of letting them decompose. They then release water and carbon dioxide as they respire.

3. Tertiary Treatment

This last stage of water treatment removes all the remaining impurities in the water. Usually, there is use of advanced technology at this stage. Sterilization of the water kills the bacteria and viruses still present in it using Ultra-Violet rays. Chlorine is also used to disinfect the water though the high cost of buying it makes its use limited.

As this description shows, the complexity of technology increases as the wastewater moves towards tertiary treatment. In the primary treatment, simple sedimentation is only able to remove slightly more than half of the inorganic impurities. By the time tertiary treatment is reached, the technology used is so advanced that it able eliminate practically all the remaining impurities.

Discover How A Knox County Chiropractor Helps With Natural Pain Options}

Posted on October 3rd, 2017

Submitted by: Rhegie Taylor

If you have not taken the time to think about the various ways in which health professionals practice you need to perhaps differentiate between a few different methods.

The traditional doctor learns how to address symptoms of pain with invasive techniques. Drugs are prescribed to you to give you pain relief by decreasing or eliminating your pain. While these methods, for the most part, take the pain away or at least make the pain more tolerable, these drugs do little towards eliminating the underlying problem.

Many times the traditional doctor has no answers and cannot tell you why you are having such pain in the first place. You probably do not give drugs a second thought, if they take your pain away or at least keep pain to a comfortable level so you can enjoy life again. Sometimes you find you are referred to doctor after doctor, trying to figure out what is wrong with you.

Many people do not know that there are other options, natural options, for dealing with pain issues. Some of these options may seem foreign to you and too simple, but they prove to work with thousands of patients seeking pain relief.

There is always underlying issues when there is a pain. When you resolve the underlying problem, you resolve the pain. It is that simple. When you take the natural route to eradicating health issues causing you pain, you may see the slightest relief from your discomfort.

As you continue with natural approaches to your pain, the pain becomes less and less over a very short amount of time.

There are three kinds of pain in which natural healing can help, given the chance.

Acute pain

Chronic pain

Specialized pain

There are many different types of pain such as,


YouTube Preview Image







Pain originates because of numerous reasons such as, but not limited to


Auto accidents

Work related accidents

Heavy lifting




Carpal Tunnel

Sports injuries

If you are suffering from acute pain, chronic pain or a specialized pain syndrome, some natural remedies you can follow, that thousands of patients see favorable results are as follows.

Spinal adjustments

Therapeutic Massage


Cold laser therapy

Tens Units

Physical Therapy

Better nutrition

Individualized exercise plans depending on your situation




DTS Therapy

Electrical muscle stimulation

Pain can originate from any number of underlying health issues. Usually, pain becomes a problem after you go for years with compressed vertebrae in the spine. If you have a spinal adjustment on a routine basis, chance are excellent that you will not suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle tightness, or any other kind of pain.

A Knox County chiropractor uses Natural remedies to address pain. These approaches are highly safe and efficient, unlike the many prescribed drugs to control pain without going any further to seek out a solution to an underlying health problem. Additionally, these drugs for pain harbor many side effects.

Natural remedies and natural solutions for addressing pain work well with absolutely no side effects. These natural approaches are not a magic fix-all, and there may be instances that you waited too long to seek a natural route to wellness and find that these options are not entirely satisfactory.

Addressing health problems can be a challenging task, but natural options for dealing with pain show surprising and favorable results using state-of-the-art natural techniques. Whether or not you find complete success in your natural healing, your health and wellness are going to be improved.

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