Creative Sketch For Scrapbooking Is A Flavor Of The Season

Posted on October 24th, 2018

By John Foster

Scrapbooking is a passion for many as it gives them a chance to explore their creative side. And scrapbookers are in constant search for new ideas for their scrapbook. However, sometimes how much one tries to get innovative they fail to do so because of the lack of ideas and concepts. So, if you are getting bored of traditional then you can always get innovative through creative sketch for scrapbooking. In fact, you will be surprised to discover your hidden creativity. Voila, go ahead and be different.

If you are facing problem in finding a creative sketches then books are the perfect medium to get innovative and unique. There are many books available in the market today that help you in enhancing your creativity skills. Or you can always turn to your computer and log onto the websites that are equally good and offer you a perfect creative sketch for scrapbooking that you have been looking for since a long time. These dedicated websites offer a variety of layouts and themes to make your scrapbook unique. You can choose pictures of different sizes and shapes and use them very accordingly. The placement of ideas in a creative way will definitely make you different and popular among many scrapbookers. In fact, the best thing about this creative sketch for scrapbooking is that people will never be able to forget the presentation of your scrapbook. It will moreover, confuse them as they will not be able to guess whether it is your creation or a template used by you.

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If you are naturally creative by the grace of god, then sketches for scrapbooking will not be an issue with you. As you know how to play with creativity and place them correctly. In fact, through your creativity you can submit your own creative sketch as templates to many websites or even books. This way you will be able to showcase your talent and moreover, others will be able to use your ideas for their scrapbooking. Though, many scrapbooking websites are full of such ideas and in fact offer them free on websites for creative scrapbooking experience. Such ideas can actually enhance the look and the feel of your scrapbook. Due to the advent of information technology, today you can also use a creative sketch for scrapbooking in a digital format; this will give you an edge over other regular stuff in the world of scrapbooking.

If you are still dissatisfied with your creation, then do not worry use can always rely on traditional methods of scrapbooking by supporting their pictures with a script of events and happenings. In fact, this makes it more memorable. One of the biggest reasons why people love to use creative sketch for scrapbooking is that it consumes lesser time as well as is mess less. Thus you can say that it is for people who hardly get time to create a scrapbook due to restraint schedules. Hence, do not waste time and get started with creative sketch for scrapbooking.

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Luhya Wedding Traditions

Posted on August 4th, 2018

By Rafi Michael

The Luhya community mostly resides in the Western part of Kenya with a population of about three million. Known for their elaborate ceremonies, the Luhya enjoy holding big parties to celebrate occasions. Luhya weddings are very elaborate and important occasions. They are accompanied with many wedding photos and celebrations. Before one gets married, the groom will have taken bride wealth to the bride’s parents as a sign of gratitude. Unlike Toronto wedding ceremonies, bride wealth is meant to cement relations between the two families.

The first step before a Luhya traditional wedding can take place is payment of the bride price. The groom is expected to take a token of appreciation to the bride’s parents to show that the parents raised their daughter well. Traditionally, this token would be in the form of livestock or farm produce. This token would act as a token to show how much the man cares for his future wife and show that he can provide for his future family as well. The Luhya community is known to love chicken and these are provided in plenty for guests to eat. On the wedding day, the man would go to the bride’s homestead and call out the girl’s name. If the girl responds, the ceremony can then go on. In the past, guests in attendance dress in special traditional attire with paintings all over their bodies and dance the whole night. The ceremony would last for about three days. The married couple would then proceed to their new home.

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Present day Luhya wedding ceremonies are more modern and include celebrating the event in a church. Dancing and singing accompany most luhya weddings. Groups of women who sing praise songs encircle the bride. The wedding party normally arrives at the church a few minutes before the ceremony starts. The ceremony is usually recorded on video and wedding photos taken. This is one attribute that both Luhya and Toronto weddings have. Once the church ceremony is over, the wedding party goes to the reception venue for wedding photos and food. Luhya weddings have plenty of traditional foods to offer as well as western cuisine. Entertainment in a luhya wedding involves singing traditional songs and dancing to their tunes. Luhya dancing is quite vigorous and is a very entertaining activity. Unlike in Toronto, Luhyas can hold their ceremonies for as long as two weeks.

A Luhya wedding is not complete without speeches. The speeches normally come after gifts are given and wedding photos are taken but before the cake is cut. The theme of most wedding speeches is usually advice to the groom and his bride on how to take care of their new family. Grooms are advised to take care of the wife and the bride is advised to cook properly for the husband. Different people who may use a lot of proverbs and sayings to drive the point home give variations of the same message.

After the main event, the bride and groom go to their new home. The wedding photos taken serve as a reminder of the wedding ceremony. They can be passed down from generation to generation and act as a teaching aid to their children on the importance of marriage and families.

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Christmas In The United States And Canada

Posted on May 29th, 2018

By Jayne Waldorf

Many of the celebrations in the United States that are associated with Christmas were traditions brought by German and English immigrants. Advent calendars, Christmas greeting cards, gingerbread houses and gingerbread cookies were all traditions brought by these immigrants. Even the Christmas tree was a tradition adopted from the immigrants..

Christmas in the United States today can be seen as focused around family, travel, shopping and decorations. Family and travel go together during Christmas in the United States because family members often have to travel fairly long distances to be with each other at one location. The growth of cities that have primarily economic activity, suburbs for residences, as well as the fact of different industries being found in certain geographic locations, are among the reasons that family members often live great distances from each other in separate states.

Christmas and its festivities therefore present a wonderful opportunity for many members of the family to gather in celebration and see each other in an intimate setting. The travelling involved makes the Christmas season a busy time of the year for rail and air travel. The occasion of seeing many family members at Christmas is also linked to the activity of shopping that is an important feature of Christmas in the United States. The Christmas season officially begins on the Friday after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday and which now ranks second in shopping for a single day to the Saturday before Christmas.Much of the shopping that is done is to purchase gifts for friends and family. Gifts for family members are usually exchanged after dinner on Christmas day, when everyone gathers in the room with the Christmas tree. Gifts are usually left at the base of the Christmas tree in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Gifts may also be exchanged before Christmas at parties held by friends and parties held at workplaces.

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Second to gifts, shopping is also done at Christmas for decorations. While the Christmas tree may be the centrepiece of attraction, garlands, wreaths, candles and decorative lighting placed outside on lawns or along rooflines are also used to create a beautiful holiday appearance for homes.

Canadians enjoy Christmas activities that are similar to those celebrated in the United States. That is so because in the 1700s when some German immigrants in the United States migrated to Canada, they continued to practice many of the activities associated with Christmas. The geographical proximity of the two countries also means they share many things, so similarities in Christmas traditions wouldn’t be an exception.

One thing that accounts for the difference between the two countries however, is the Eskimo population in Canada. Eskimos in Canada have other traditions that are absent from American Christmas celebrations but they do celebrate a festival during winter.

A practice also exists in Nova Scotia in which small groups of masked individuals march around about two weeks before Christmas. These masked groups attract attention by creating stir with much bell ringing and engaging in a noisy caper in an aim to get candy, sweets and goodies from onlookers.This tradition bears some similarity to Jonkonoo celebrations in the neighboring islands of the Caribbean. Those celebrations also involve masked individuals, including some that appear on stilts that make them as tall as trees. The parade of Jonkonoo regale onlookers with various antics and present a minor scare to some children, who are then calmed with candies and other treats.

In Nova Scotia, onlookers can try to calm the noise and rowdiness just a little if they can correctly guess the identity of the masked person. A correct guess puts an end to the noise as the mask is removed, exposing the individual. For their part, maskers also play nice by friendly nudging answers from children about whether they have been naughty or nice and handing out candies and treats accordingly.

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Wedding Favors: Keep Em Hot In A Desert Theme!

Posted on May 20th, 2018

Wedding Favors: Keep em Hot in a Desert Theme!



Nowadays, a lot of themed-weddings are just being thought of. Many brides, upon saying yes to their boyfriends proposals, they would immediately think about wedding themes. With the 2011 trend, it has been considered that country or barn-themed weddings. And starting with that, a desert will then be thought about. Desert-themed weddings are also becoming one of the faves and how can we cope with that? Of course by having desert-themed

wedding favors


Here are some desert-themed wedding favor ideas which you can check out, you might base your idea on any of these if you are going to have a wedding in a desert-like place or just having the theme, or you just want to have a desert-y feel when it comes to your wedding favors.

Cowboy Boots. This doesnt necessarily mean that you will have to give out the boots, literally, but you can provide wedding favors which are being modelled after the said cowboy inspiration. You can have miniature Cowboy boots, little wooden ones attached to keychains, or cowboy boots cookies!

YouTube Preview Image

Cowboy Hats. Another desert-themed wedding favor idea that will be great is the cowboy hat which symbolizes a lot of suaveness especially when you are in the desert and riding that stallion. There are also miniature cowboy hats and you can make use of them, there are also made of other materials such as paper and would never really cost that much. Cowboy hats would be cool wedding favors in a hot desert-themed wedding!

Cactus Plants. Whats the use of the cowboy hats and boots being included in this list if the cactus plant isnt here? It shouldnt also be a necessary thing to give out the literal plants, although there are miniature cactuses which are really cute. But the innovativeness of each and everyone in this world has almost affected everything; there are even cactus plant candles and the like. So you dont need to worry if you cant find a real plant or something, because there are a lot of cactus-inspired sweet nothings which you can hail as your lovely

wedding favor


Ice Cream. When you think about the desert, whats the number one thing which comes to mind? Is it the sandy ambiance? Most people will always answer the heat, and so it is. And with the heat, what can be more complementing to it than an ice cream? Put these yummy treats in mason jars complete with fruits or any toppings you would like to include then your guests can each have one mason jar as their desert-y wedding favor.

Desert Roses. Desert rose cactus-like plants are really pretty and will go perfectly well with your theme. You can give these out already planted in cute little plant pots which will delight everyone who might receive them. Something that has life, when being given is a very nice and meaningful gift. So keep it hot and pretty through desert roses!

Whatever theme you may plan to make your wedding a more memorable one, be it this desert theme or anything which pleases you the most,

wedding favors

, in any form or style will always be cherished by someone who will be attending your big day. So, its not really a big matter to dwell on, just look for something which can put a smile on your own face, and make your guests go home with delight also, and the one which suits your budget perfectly well. You can try out anything you want to give out as wedding favors, there is no rule in that portion, because after all of the sacrifices and struggles which you have been through in planning your wedding, it will always be your wedding and it is yourself which you will please the most if the outcome will be beautiful.

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Golf Wedding Favors For An Unusual Sporty Themed Wedding

Posted on May 6th, 2018

By Janet R.

Planning your wedding with a theme is a great way to show off your personality. If you both love golf, getting married at a golf course or even just at your backyard, but with a golf-y feel, would make a wonderful idea.

As any sports lover will note, getting married will not make a reason to ignore a favorite hobby or pastime. Whether you and your spouse-to-be enjoy playing golf together, you met each other on the golf course, or you had a mini-golfing as your first official date, it will going to be a one of a kind wedding for the both of you when you had it in a theme that has a significant meaning to your lives.

If you are thinking of how you can show off the golf theme to your wedding, one easy idea is to find wedding favors that have something to do with golf. Don’ worry because it is not hard to find golf themed wedding favors, as they come plenty from personalized golf balls, golf tees to unique golf drink stick stirrers and golf bottle openers.

YouTube Preview Image

Among the most popular golf themed wedding favors are golf balls and tees, which can be personalized with couple’s names and their wedding date. So if you chose to give personalized golf balls or tees, you can have them printed with your names and wedding date. Often, you can order these online in a nice gift box, ready to distribute to your guests. They are also available in a wide range of colors, so you can be sure that you can find something that perfectly matches your wedding color scheme.

There is also a wide range of edible golf themed wedding favors to choose from. They can be novelty chocolates, candies, cookies or even cupcakes customized with golf theme. You can find candies and chocolates in shape of golf balls. They usually make fun and unique wedding souvenirs which can be packaged up with custom labels and ribbon.

If your opt for something more elegant, chrome plated favors such as golf themed bottle openers, wine stoppers, corkscrews, drink stick stirrers, picture frames and candle holders are just a few good options you can choose from. Aside from looking elegant and stylish, all these favors make useful gifts for your guests as well because they can use these items in their everyday lives.

If you are struggling to find special golf themed wedding favors or you are simply on a tight budget and prefer something handmade, you can still have it in golf theme by adding a personalized label with a custom golf design. You can make golf wedding favor labels and hang them on little honey jars or olive oil bottles. Or, if you want to give mini chocolate bars, you can have them wrapped in custom golf themed wrapper.

Golf wedding favors are unique wedding favors that sure to be a hit on your wedding day. Your guests will definitely remember your love story, as they will always be reminded by your wonderful wedding favors.

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Cool Henna Design Tattoos

Posted on November 5th, 2017

By Morgan Hamilton

One of the coolest displays and of art that I have seen was henna design. No, really. It was really cool on nature and was utilized in the form of giving a tattoo. Tattooing is simply using what nature has to offer and using his is a form of expression on the human body. In many cases the natural ingredient ink. But there is something so quaint and ethereal about henna design that I find to be simply breathtaking.

The first time I had the opportunity to see henna design in action was during my trip to Rajasthan, India. It was quite an exotic odyssey. The state is located in the desert and is known for its large community fairs. It is a central meeting point when from the neighboring villages gather to celebrate and they can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The longer the duration, the bigger the fair. And the bigger the fair, the more mammoth the attendance.

I was there for the Fall fair. It was a four-day event and the energy there was absolutely astounding. The people were simple and their wants simpler. The colors and spirit found was something that never before even remotely have come close to seeing. This is where I saw my first henna design, and I must say it was quite impressive.

YouTube Preview Image

I happened to notice the henna design as I was walking around the fair trying to capture the color of all that I saw. I saw two women sitting on the on ground and were totally engrossed in their task. When I moved closer, I saw that it was a henna artist and that she was applying one of the finest henna designs I have ever witnessed.

I just kind of stood there in a daze admiring her work in launching a much joy she spread by artfully sketching her henna designs on people’s hands. It was a very simple operation and there were not a lot of implements require for her to create her art. Just a tube of henna and her active imagination. She had a book of designs that the customers can browse through to choose one they wanted. And she would set to work to draw the design in all its glory on their hands.

That’s all that I needed to give me hooked on the art of henna designs. Now I’m actually compiling a book of henna designs. Guess who is going to be on the cover? My henna design muse of course! She is the perfect choice and I’m thrilled to include her.

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