Teaching Students How To Succeed In Investing Using The Stock Market Game

By Gabriel Adams

In the past, the only thing the general public knew about investing in the stock market was to call their broker. Now it is a whole new ballgame with investors able to do their trading online.

You still need to know a bit about the ins and outs of buying and selling, but with the internet, even the casual investor can make some headway. Students are learning about the market as well with the aid of The Stock Market Game. It is a simulation of buying and selling that teaches students how to invest properly and when to unload so that when they are adults they can make the right choices in order to make some money.

The NYSE endorses this particular game with direct correlation to the standards of technology, math, business education, social studies and economics to name a few, on a state and national level. This is good practice for all who participate.

Help for Teachers to get Started


This particular stock simulation gives the teacher looking to incorporate this life lesson into their classroom much support. Teachers have access to a number of support systems such as personalized attention from state coordinators, newsletters, and training classes they may attend. They also have access to an online Teacher Support Center to learn how they can incorporate this fun and exciting program into their classrooms.

Who can Play the Game?

Typically this program is available for students in 4th through 12th grade, though many interested investors-to-be can learn a lot from this program. The stock market is a tricky business and having the ability to practice before you put real money on the line can make the difference between success and failure.

Skills Needed to Play the Game

Non-techies may be put off as they might think that some special skills are needed in order to participate. Those interested in finding out more about The Stock Market Game need only the basic skills to operate a computer such as basic internet knowledge and keyboarding skills. If you need more information, there is always the Teacher Support Center to guide you.

How much Time does it Take?

With standards so high in education, many teachers might wonder how they will find the time to incorporate this useful tool into their classrooms. It shouldn’t take more than three or four classroom periods to introduce interested students to SMG. Once students have a firm grasp on the concepts introduced, you can decide how much time you have to spare each week to devote to SMG.

The Stock Market Game can be a valuable tool that many adults aren’t able to utilize because they feel intimidated by the jargon and the speed of which the stock market is so famous. Students learning these skills will have a much better grasp on how the economy works than did their parents, and this can only be good news for their future and the future of our nation.

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