Repairing A Damaged Bumper

Repairing a Damaged Bumper


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A bumper serves as protection for the car and its driver, as well as pedestrians on the road. This part lessens the resulting physical damage and injuries if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

Because the bumper receives the initial impact during a car crash, it will need immediate repair for the dents and punctures it obtained.

Repairing a damaged bumper is an easy task. It might only entail cleaning, sanding, and sealing the ruined portions. If you have wrecked your bumper, there are simple repair tips you can try. First, scuff the surface of the damaged area to prepare it for modification. Wax clean the scrubbed surface, after which apply plastic prep cleaner.


Use 80-grit sandpaper to sand the damaged surface of the bumper at least three inches from the center of the dent. This will hide repair marks after applying the adhesive and paint. Car dealers in big cities like St Catharines send used cars to repair shops for almost similar techniques before displaying their products in the showroom.

If you just bought a

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with some scrape marks on the bumper, all you have to do is sand the concerned area. After using 80-grit sandpaper for the initial scrape, follow up with 24-grit sandpaper around the damage. Use an air compressor to blow the dust. Make sure the surface is free from granules because this will affect the adhesive and paint to be added later on.

Put a well-cut wire mesh on the damaged surface where adhesive is needed. Dry the adhesive completely and sand it again to smooth out the surface. Although bumper repair techniques such as those most

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use only rely on scuffing and sealing, the output is as much for function as it is for aesthetic.

After completely covering the damage and restoring the smooth surface of the bumper, it is now ready for coating. Make sure to use the right primer before applying the paint to achieve the best adherence. It is the quality of the paint job on bumpers that make used cars appear almost as good as the brand new vehicles sold through many

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