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There is nothing worse than running out of LPG halfway through your cooking process. Leaving your family and guest hungry is not a great sign to a kick-start your food experience. Sometimes it can be challenging to find any extra filled gas in the home or to ask for a refill from Liquid Petroleum Gas Suppliers, which can take a couple of days to weeks time. Thats why weve put together this guide to track your LPG, so you never run out.

Know How Much Gas is Left in the Cylinde

The foremost method to avoid running out of gas is to check the level of gas inside the cylinder. There are different methods being followed to check the level of LPG gas in the bottled cylinders and BBQ cylinders. Lets check out some of the easiest methods to measure your LPG gas.

By Weighing

Of course, if you are a long-term LPG user, you can easily estimate whether it needs a refill simply by picking it up. But a new user might find it quite challenging.

To overcome such challenges, one can simply weigh the cylinder to measure the amount of LPG available. Look on the bottom or sides of the cylinders and youll find the tare weight of the empty cylinder. Now weigh your cylinder using any scale to easily gauge the level of LPG.


For example,

Tare weight of tank= 15lbs.

Weight of tank when you measure= 25lbs.

Subtract the 15 (weight of empty tank) from 25 (weight of tank with gas) and you have 10 lbs of gas left. Dont wait until the gas cylinder is empty, book your gas cylinder delivery Dubai when you are left with less than 15 lbs.

Warm Wate

The warm water technique is one of the easiest methods to measure how much gas is left. It is

simple yet effective. All you need is a bit of warm water and a matter of touch. Here is how its done.

*. Pour some hot water to the sides of the cylinder. Dont use boiling water. Just the hot water from the tap should work fine.

*. If you notice closely, a line of condensation will appear, indicating the level of gas in the cylinder.

*. If not, run your hand gently on the sides of the cylinder and feel a change of temperature.

The top of the cool spot indicates the level of gas in the cylinder. This is due to propane absorbing the heat from the water and making the metal wall of cylinder cool. Whereas the empty space in the gas cylinder still retains the heat.

Though this method will not provide you an accurate result, it can approximate whether its the time to head to your industrial gas manufacturers for a refill.


The best method to measure the gas level is to invest in a gauge. They are handy and easy-to-use. Several different propane tank gauges are available for Dubai gas.

*. Inline pressure gauge works on pressure and provides readouts letting you know whether the cylinder is full, low, or empty.

*. Analog propane scale works similar to luggage scale. All you need to do is hook the gauge to the cylinder, lift it and look for the readings.

*. Digital propane scale works by constantly weighing the tank and provides real-time information on remaining cook time and gas fill percentage.

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