N SA T 706 Active Rfid Asset Writable Tag W/ Led And Buzzer

NSAT-706 Active RFID Asset Writable Tag w/ LED and Buzzer



Nephsystem Technologies, a leading provider of radio frequency identification ( RFID ) technology, announced today that it has released NSAT-706 Active RFID Asset Writable Tag w/ LED and Buzzer.

The NephSystem Technologies NSAT-706 2.45GHz Active RFID heavy duty asset tags are active tags that continuously transmit unique ID numbers, which can be detected and decoded by NephSystem s NSAR series of active readers. This tag can contain both the LED and buzzer features to conveniently find tagged items easier or alert tag wearers. It also has a built-in 512 bytes capacity of user memory. By using NSAR series of active reader/writers, users are able to store up to 512 characters onto the tag.

They use advanced 0.13um CMOS IC technology and provide ultra-low power consumption, ensures longer battery life (up to 2 years) at higher rates of transmission. The internal Lithium battery is replaceable as well. The NSAT-706 tag s unique anti-collision feature allows for a simultaneous read of up to 200 tags and up to 80 meters reading distance with NephSystem s NSAR series of active readers. With its built-in LED and Buzzer features, users are able to make NSAT-706 flash or beep via the software control, especially useful in asset locating & tracking and warehouse inventory management. The NSAT-706 tag use industrial PVC housing that allows them to work under any harsh environment (IP67 rated). NSAT-706 tag is ideally suitable for varied appellations such as Valuable Asset Tracking, Security Management, Shop Floor, Automotive Tracking and Security, Military Asset Tracking, Cargo and Container Tracking, Airline unit load devices, Construction and Heavy Machinery, etc.

Main Features:

Exclusive low-power consumption design


Industrial PVC housing, water/dust proof, IP67 graded

Replaceable Lithium battery design

Long reading distance, up to 80 meters in outdoor environment

Built-in and internal LED and Buzzer design

Low battery warning design

Built-in 512 bytes of user memory

About NephSystem Technogies

Nephsystem is the leading supplier in the fields of RFID, Smart Tracking Systems and Industrial PDAs.

NephSystem Technogies has primarily expertise around three specific technologies:

1) Industrial grade PDAs

2) PDA Peripherals, including Fingerprint devices, Barcode enabled and RFID featured devices, etc.

3) Smart tracking systems, e.g. passive or active RFID tracking systems, etc.

NephSystem Technogies has applied these technologies to wide variety of applications all around the world, including, asset tracking, proof of delivery, inventory control and warehouse management systems, management of inspections, manufacturing, and Quality Assurance.

For more information, please visit www.nephsystem.com or contact inquiry@nephsystem.com or sales@nephsystem.com

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