Mahindra Motor Bikes Getting Very Popular Among Customers

Mahindra Motor Bikes Getting Very Popular Among Customers



Introduction Mahindra is a very famous company that is into the manufacturing of 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler vehicles. The best thing about the products of this company is that these are known to be priced less and are also extremely durable. Mahindra motor bikes have been getting very popular among customers in the recent past. Below mentioned are features of the two of the very famous models of motor bikes that is manufactured by this company.

Features of Mahindra Cevalo 125cc

This is known to be a classy bike model that is manufactured by Mahindra. The body of this bike is extremely pleasing. It is a long awaited bike in the Indian market. It is of 4 stroke, 125 cc segment with lot of amazing features in it. It is air cooled and the fuel injected engine is known to produce 15bhp of power. This is known to be a very impressive and attractive factor in it. It is featured with 4 values technology with Single Over-Head Camshaft fuel injection. The fuel capacity is of 14 litres and the indicators are incorporated in the best way just below the fuel tank. The alloy wheels in it look extremely attractive. It makes riding very comfortable to the rider and also to the person sitting at the back. The body is made of Large stainless steel dull finish and due to this it gives a very stylish look.

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Features of Mahindra Stallio (Electric Start)

This stylish bike from Mahindra has an engine of 106.7cc. It includes alloy wheels and electric start facility that makes it one of the best bikes of the modern days. It includes various advance technology features and also various eye catching features. The various other interesting features of this motor bike include 4 stroke, air cooled, SI engine and many more. The compression ratio is 9:6:1. The fuel tank capacity is 13.7 litres and the fuel reserve capacity is 1.6 litres. This is known to be one of the reasonably priced bikes manufactured by Mahindra ever.

Mahindra Latest Motor Bikes Price List

The price of Mahindra Cevalo 125cc in India would be an approximate of Rs.50000. The price of Mahindra Stallio (Electric Start) in India would be an approximate of Rs.44500. Isn t the price extremely low? It is very sure that you would not have any problem in owning these vehicles because of the price factor. Rather checking for the price in various showrooms, you can check the same in various online shopping stores as it is very sure that you will be able to receive the best offers. Hence, you can own the Mahindra Motor bike by paying a very less price and have a jolly ride on it.

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