Explaining Some Of Perceptive Software’s Products

By Jacob Coroner

Perceptive Software is a US company that is based in Kansas that specializes in developing software. The company’s software is catered to meet the demands of document output management, enterprise content management, and business process management. The company was bought by Lexmark International, Inc. back in 2010.

Any organization thrives on its business operations. However, the cost of business operations can often lead to reduced efficiency. One of the ways to maximize potential earnings is by driving down the cost of operations.

The company offers a lot of products that can help streamline an organization’s operations. Below are a few examples of the different software that the Perspective Software has to offer.

Document Imaging & Capture

Perspective Software considers document imaging as an indispensable piece of technology for organizations. Traditionally speaking, document and imaging software was basically what it says on the tin. The company’s products go beyond the typical definition of a document imaging and capture software by providing a solid groundwork for gathering and retrieving an organization’s content.

The company’s product addresses three main issues regarding the constant stream of documents:

— Employees amass large amounts of information for various purposes.


— Searching for information can cost an organization a precious amount of time, money and often leads to failure.

— Despite the advances in technology, there are still parts of an organization that are still disconnected.

The benefits of the company’s products are:

— Information can be gathered and disseminated throughout the organization with much ease.

— Allows for the immediate access of information given the circumstances surrounding a certain process.

— Information is stored in one central location but is still coordinated through other technologies.

Workflow Management System

Perspective Software also has its own workflow management software that can be used to dispense information wherever it needed. Their sophisticated products allow for the automation of processing steps which helps in making work tasks easier. Their workflow management software also affords organizations the ability to keep track of routines in real time.

The workflow management software gives the organization versatile routing options. This gives the organization an excellent amount of control of how captured information is relayed to the organization’s different departments. Directing captured information can be managed using databases or information within the document to the appropriate work processes.

The company’s workflow management software was tailor made in order to address these problems:

— Productivity can be choked when organizations use old fashioned paper centered processes.

— A vast quantity of information is used inadequately

— The current workflow is stiff, and hard and costly to change in order to adapt.

The company’s workflow management software addresses these problems by:

— Sending the captured information to the right people for a speedy response.

— Making it simple to generate, implement and adjust workflow models for the organization.

— Monitoring and notifying the right people so that captured information is used efficiently.

The products that the company offers can help an organization in so many ways. The bottom line is that Perspective Software products are some of the best tools for streamlining an organization’s business operations.

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