Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers Construction Co.S: Friend Or Foe}

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers Construction Co.s: Friend or Foe


Paul Justice

We all have experienced it, the constant drilling pounding and sawing of materials that seem to go on at all hours. In Philadelphia, this is the constant variable in our experiment. When we change the conditions lets say, safety standards, shoddy equipment, and poor training programs will significantly alter the product. Construction in Philadelphia is inevitable, for their will always be a need for an upgrade, facelift, or renovation. Whatever you call it, construction is a business that will always be in of need. Whether is it optional or not, for example devastating occurrences such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes makes it a necessary for reconstruction to occur. There have been some controversial issues as to whether the construction industry has aided in the plummeting real estate market. Whether true or not, we must take it in strides and determine how to get the most bang for our buck. Philadelphia construction accident lawyers are determined to make sure that all standards are followed. If you have been wronged by a construction company contact a Philadelphia construction accident lawyer.

Construction work in Philadelphia is obviously going to be very expensive due to the time limitations, massive amounts of people, and small workspace. Therefore everything is pushed to get done as fast as possible. When this occurs safety standards are most likely over looked, equipment may be unsuitable, and training is limited. This combination of factors makes an accidents at a construction site much more likely. Whether another construction worker or innocent bystander gets injured, they may be eligible to file a claim to gain compensation. On another note if a construction worker injuries another construction worker on site, then they injured party may be able to file for workers compensation. Whatever the case may be, construction accidents are common in our society in which we must take the proper steps to protect ourselves and those around us. Contact a Philadelphia construction accident lawyer to start the path of justice.


Another instance is if a construction worker causes injury to another worker or innocent bystander that is under the influence of a controlled substance. For example if a construction worker who has been drinking alcohol causes harm to another, this would constitute for a lack of duty of care. Negligence would also be an issue for the construction worker who was drinking probably had to sign an waver at the beginning of his service indicating if such an event would happen, then they would be solely liable for damages. If a construction worker knowingly used a controlled substance that would alter their ability to work responsibly and did it anyways, then they would be completely liable.

Construction accidents can occur anywhere at anytime to anyone; therefore it is imperative that we take the proper precautions to stop this from happening. However, construction accidents do happen all the time and we must protect our rights. If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, contact Philadelphia construction accident lawyers for they have the experience and knowledge necessary to bring your case to action. A Philadelphia construction accident lawyer to discuss your options and the ability to gain the compensation and justice that you deserve, not what is offered.

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Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers Construction Co.s: Friend or Foe }