Choosing A Solar Power System

By Tony Hilton

By harnessing solar power you can create electricity to power your home be it a house or a mobile home you can even use solar energy to power your business. There are a myriad of systems available to generate solar energy. It is often the case that the correct choice is obvious but in other circumstances the decision can be all together far more difficult and require both the plus points and the negative points of each system to be carefully weighed up. This article will guide you through the options available to you and explain which factors should be taken into consideration.

To begin with we will consider a mobile home, When choosing a solar power system for your mobile home the most important factors to consider are portability and flexibility. Generally speaking the best solar power systems for you mobile home are portable stand alone systems. These systems are easy to transport and have the flexibility to be pointed in different directions to take advantage of positive weather conditions.

If you are thinking about solar power for your home or business you may wish to consider a stand-alone system. The typical set up for such a system is to have one or more solar panels connected to a battery. The battery will store the direct current from the solar panel. Most appliances use alternating current or AC so an inverted is used to convert the direct current to alternating current.


For people who are unsure about solar power or perhaps live in a colder climate like there is what is know as the grid tie solar power system. This solution is a hybrid between conventional power and solar power, the property remains tied into the electric grid but also has a solar panel. This means that if the sun isn’t shinning and you don’t have enough stored electricity you still have the electric grid as a safety net.

Depending on the climate, many people begin with a grid linked systems before eventually moving to 100% solar energy as this works out significantly cheaper and is far better for the planet than using grid power.Often once a property is moved to 100% solar power a second solar system is installed this allows for the first system to be maintained without power loss and acts as a backup.

At the moment 100% off the grid systems are in the minority except of course for areas where there is no grid. If current trends continue however this scenario looks as though it will reveres with home and business owners in hot climates increasingly opting for 100% solar power.

There are of course many other environmentally sound energy sources other than solar power which can be better suited to the climate in which you live. Often in colder climates wind turbines prove to be a far more effective solution than solar panels ever good be. The important thing when looking in to going environmentally friendly with your energy is to do you research and to check what your reading is up to date as technology can move on very swiftly.

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