Natural Lawn Care Get Your Lawn Off Drugs

Posted on October 4th, 2017

Natural Lawn Care – Get Your Lawn Off Drugs


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The adequate use of water is important not only to your lawn but on the environment, you can treat right the grass seed you\’re planting without spoiling a precious resource, try to think you lawn can collaborate to make a better world and restore to your nature all what it takes.

If you are taking into consideration these natural lawn care steps, you will be able to develop and maintain a beautiful and long lasting lawn you will be proud of showing to your friends and relations.


Liquid lawn fertilisers undoubtedly are a wonderful addition to the number of nutrients we have with our disposal to maintain our lawns. These are the lawn fertilizers which are often based on seaweed, manures and other organic compounds, as opposed to the standard lawn fertilizers which are most often chemically derived.

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Organic Fertilizers Really are a Responsible Choice

Getting naturally derived, these organic liquid fertilizers may not be only gentle and beneficial to our lawns and pose almost no possible detrimental consequences to your sod, and have the added benefit of never causing any type of damage to the environment.

Benefits Versus Downsides

The major selling point of these products is also the major downside to help liquid organic fertilizers, that\’s their mildness. They in many cases are very low in that vital major elements which lawns ought to flourish at their maximum health. And of these kind of major elements, Nitrogen is most crucial and most often only available in small amounts in natural products.

As Nitrogen can be so vitally important for garden health, must take this factor into consideration whenever choosing or considering liquid organic fertilizers for used our lawn care.

Organic Fertilizers – Finding the right Balance

This consideration leaves us using one very important factor to bear in mind, which is that much more always use liquid organic fertilizers in conjunction with standard lawn fertiliszers for maximum benefit to our lawns wellness.

Especially, this means shopping for organic fertilizer products which might be high in Nitorgen, and balancing out this organic fertilizing with standard chemical type lawn fertilizers.

For a high Nitrogen organic garden food, we could perhaps follow a 50/50 year round mix of both organic and chemical products. However, for lower Nitrogen dependent products, that liquid organic fertilizers should only account for around 25% of total all year round fertilizer usage.

Instant Benefit of Liquid Organic Ferilizers

Because they\’re a liquid, liquid fertilisers are going to be immediately absorbed in the lawn within a very short time, giving the lawn a quick lift within a few days.

Nevertheless, not like regular fertilizers, some sort of liquid organic fertilizer do not remain in the soil for for an extended time, and will therefore involve more frequent applications as compared to other lawn fertilizer types.

Simply finding the Perfect Mix of Garden Fertilizers

While there\’s still no magical method for become totally organic with our lawn care just yet, new lawn care products are continuously improving and being released, and hopefully soon we can all switch to a totally organic lawn care strategy.

But until that day comes together with these new product turn up, liquid organic fertilizers really are a wonderful choice in our lawn care, but must always be used with, and to complement our regular lawn fertilizer items.


Ones Soil

Much like Greening Your Garden, an overview of lawn care starts with your soil. If you haven\’t possessed a soil sample taken in earlier times 5 years, this is where you might want to start.

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